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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taiko Wii 2's papercrafts


After two years, the Taiko Wii 2 site minigame is still active and continues to push out all kinds of gifts! The latest downloadable content is the Arumi-chan papercraft, released about 5 months after Don and Katsu's. The timing of the download release is completely player-controlled. You have to wonder how it took so long for the whole of Japan to get to 160,000 hits on the site counter though.

If you wanna make one of these, you can download it (until the next content is unlocked) on the Taiko Web Counter page. Remember that the final goal (222.222 Don Spirits) has yet to be reached! For the download of the previous content you can also check the downloads page, they're all still up for grabs. Remember that Taiko Time does not own any link on that page: they all come from Namco!

 Image taken by Packer from Malaysia's Taiko no Tatsujin Facebook fangroup


  1. how to get kat-chan papercraft? orz

  2. @psychedreamer: we just simply edited the color of the Don-chan papercraft lol.