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Changelog (last update 16/06/2018)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


~ Calendar desktops ~ 
(all download links are not hosted by us, they're from Namco! To catch up on their latest desktops, you can also download these from their official page)

September/October 2013 (800x600)  (1024x768)  (1280x1024)  (1680x1050)
July/August 2013 (800x600)  (1024x768)  (1280x1024)  (1680x1050)
Note: To avoid clutter, we'll only show the latest two months for the calendar desktops. If you want to look for the previous ones, Namco doesn't delete them, and their URLs follow a common pattern, the last part being the difference. Eg.

'1012' is 'year 2010, month 12 (December)' Change this number to whichever date you want, eg. March 2009 is '0903'

The number before '.bmp' is the size of the wallpaper.
_03.bmp = 800x600
_02.bmp = 1024x768
_01.bmp = 1280x1024
_00.bmp = Widescreen 1680x1050 (if available)

~ Other desktops ~
Taiko DS 1/2 1 million games sold commemoration  (800x600)  (1024x768)  (1280x1024)

Taiko no Tatsujin 12 desktop  (800x600)  (1024x768)  (1280x1024)

200th Taiko Blog post! (800x600) (1024x768) (1280x1024) (1680x1050)

10th Taiko Anniversary! (February 2011)   (800x600)  (1024x768)  (1280x1024)  (1680x1050)

~ Taiko Wii 2 downloadable content ~

All the downloadable stuff of this section comes from this web minigame, previously accessible only through Taiko Wii 2 website. By clicking the upper red button to play the minigame, a little Taiko will appear. After hitting it a lot of times and filling up the gauge, a spirit gauge point will be added to the counter above Don and Arumi's heads. By achieving certain amounts, several prizes were awarded! The final gift will be sent out at 222,000 spirit points. Wanna help fill it up?

*Only the latest downloadable is shown on the page, meaning all previous downloads are hidden from view so we've missed several gifts between the two papercrafts. Want to help us find them? Email us!

Everyone are Happy (1024x768)  (1280x800) (1280x1024)

Festival Guide (1024x768)  (1280x800) (1280x1024)

VS. Waruru (1024x768)  (1280x800) (1280x1024

Meat bun Don-chan (1024x768)  (1280x800) (1280x1024)

Hakase's Institute (1024x768)  (1280x800) (1280x1024)






~ Miscellaneous stuff ~
Taiko no Tatsujin 12 board game (on the official site, click the summit of the mountain right above Kat-chan to view the .pdf! If you don't feel like searching the official site, or you don't have an updated Flash Player, here's the direct link.)

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2 Downloadable Songs (follow this tutorial to add them to the game. Credits to Kliff for the .rar file!)

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