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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (26 January 2012) - Roses, roses everywhere!


Today's Taiko Blog entry is (finally) the introduction post for the two latest Rose songs, Red Rose Evangel and Blue Rose Ruin, both of which were made to commemorate Taiko no Tatsujin's 10th anniversary.

The review starts with Red Rose Evangel, a direct continuation of Senpuu no Mai since this is the 2nd song which Zeami (composer) and Ayane (vocal) are involved in. The theme of RRE is a 'mass' or a church gathering and both their comments share many things in common, that this third Rose chapter was inspired by the dramatic Japanese scenario after March 2011's earthquake and tsunami, a living demonstration of the fact that people have the will to pray even in the worst situation possible.

Zeami ended this interview with a haiku (Japanese short poem)


The second part of the interview was only for Zeami, since the currently Wii-exclusive Blue Rose Ruin is a full instrumental track. The composer's idea was to create a melodic song which "completes" Red Rose Evangel, which is why both songs share one part of the melody (beginning of Red Rose, end of Blue Rose). Once again, inspired by inner poetic feelings, Zeami composed another haiku for Blue Rose Ruin:


But Zeami's poetry isn't over! The enigmatic composer presented one last haiku which he says will mark the demise of the Rose series (he did mention at one point that he would be making no more than five)


Unlike the first two haikus, which just say 'Blooming, bloomed, red/blue rose' or something of the sort (my knowledge of Japanese suffixes are still limited), this one says that the rose has yet to bloom and we're waiting for it. What color is it? It's hidden beneath the three O marks. Only time will tell.

Link to original post

Side news: Today, the Taiko no Tatsujin Donder page has published a bimonthly wallpaper for February/March 2012, where it's possible to see the cover for the 2nd OST of the anniversary, "Full Combo!" Go and see it!

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