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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (2 November 2011) - Taiko PSP DX November download songs

No other announcements for today, it's all about the download songs. Ready?

LOVE Zukkyun (LOVEずっきゅん)
Blue Bird (ブルーバード)

READY!! (from IdolM@ster) 「アイドルマスター」より

Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)

Namco Original
Meena no Oyashiki (ミーナのおやしき)
Uchuu Samurai (宇宙SAMURAI)

All songs are priced at 150 Yen each except Uchuu SAMURAI, which is free.

J-Pop is unremarkable as always, but Blue Bird? Isn't that the Naruto song from Anime?
READY!! is from the IdolM@ster anime. It's the Lucky Star scenario all over again! (Taiko arcade in anime, said anime's OP song gets into Taiko's songlist)

The other completely new song on the list is Meena no Oyashiki from Namco Original, and is also a Halloween-style horror song. Interesting...we won't have to wait long to download these 6, they will be up on PSN by November 10th, a week from now.

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  1. Ok, let me comment those "wonderful" entries:

    1) Blue Bird, a song specificaslly created for an anime, is going to be ported to the J-Pop genre. Why?

    2) The ED from the Idolm@ster anime (the world iis all one) is grouped under the Game Song section with the other Idolm@ster songs, Ready instead on Anime. Why?

    3) It looks like that Variety's DL songs aren't definitely bringling some... uuh... "variety" to the genre. Why?

    ...and most important,...

    4) Next week will be featured a new Namco Original about Halloween. Ten. Friggin'. Days. AFTER. HALLOWEEN.


    Nonsense choises are nonsense

  2. I wait for CHANGE!! OP. :3

    2) Well, as for Idolm@ster, has any of their songs been OUT of the Game Music section before?

    4) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are sure worked up about this XDDD

  3. Lokamp why the overreaction to the new Halloween song? The first Halloween song was released on October 1, 30 whole days before the actual holiday.

    It's arbitrary for stuff like this to be completely punctual.

  4. Well, it's always better to be ahead instead of being lòate, isn't it? I would have waited better 15 days instead of 356.