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Monday, October 3, 2011

Random: other Anime allusions to Taiko games


Found on Glaroid Room. The 12th episode of the Idolm@ster anime show features an old Taiko arcade, as a funny way to tribute the Taiko games. Or maybe, advertising is Namco's main aim?


  1. Have you already shown off the Taiko arcade machine on Oreimo? It's Kirino's stress reliever =P

  2. Or in Lucky Star, it's in quite a few places :P

    But noting Mr Driller and considering Namco this one makes more sense

  3. Seen this one already. Still the same reaction though: "Why 9th? Why not 13 or 14(+)?"

    Another place where TnT was referenced was in the film "Lost in Translation". The guy was playing on easy. lol

  4. inb4 idolmaster anime OP in taiko

  5. I bet they'd do it. They did it with LS after all. Besides, since when was a taiko game without idolmaster songs after it's introduction to the series?

    They should put a Lost in Translation reference in their games, even if the movie is a bit old by now.