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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taiko Wii 4 site updates again

After two great blogs by the Taiko Team, it seems the Taiko Wii 4 website was also updated without anyone noticing, with new songs and one new game mode! Let's see.

I'm really starting to think their online PV team only works one day a week lol

Alright, songs first. Only new ones will be shown- for all the songs at the same time you can check out our Wii4 page.

Like before, songs in bold and red are brand-new, while just bold means that it's an existing song making its first appearance on Wii (songs bound for New Taiko will still be red as they count as brand-new).


Kaze wa Fuiteiru (風は吹いている)
Egao ni Kanpai! (笑顔にカンパイ!)
Love Letter (ラブレター)


Odoru Ponpokorin (おどるポンポコリン)
Hamtaro Tottokou Uta (ハム太郎とっとこうた)
Monologue (モノローグ) <- this is from Ore-sama Kingdom


Usavich Medley ~Taiko no Jikan~ (ウサビッチメドレ~太鼓の時間~)
Oklahoma Mixer (オクラホマミクサ) <- remnants of Children/Folk genre

Game Music

Mujihi na Ou (無慈悲な王)
Ridge Racer <- Ura mode please! *prays*
Venomous <- new song from Ridge Racer 3DS
KAGEKIYO <-Ura mode please! X2
Kinniku no You na Bokura ~Muscle Love Theme~ (筋肉のような僕ら~マッスル愛のテーマ~) <-The fourth and last song from Muscle March (English title is 'We're Like a Muscle')


William Tell Overture
Hakuchou no Mizuumi ~still a duckling~

Namco Original

Danba Danba Din Dan <-Namco moved this out of J-Pop. Must be a mistake there.
Saitama 2000
The Carnivorous Carnival
Angel Dream
Kita Saitama 2000
Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro
Koibumi 2000

Six old songs in Namco Original and two more old ones in Classic? Hold your horses there- those are the poll winners! Nothing announced for the other genres yet though (Game Music got its poll winners though). Looks like the TGS rumor leak was completely true (except on the PSP DX songs, Namco look like they're being cagey with info that isn't promotional material or poll-chosen songs)

And now let's look at that game mode!

It's actually not new; this mode was seen before once on Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2. It's a Guide Mode you can access during regular play and it allows you to replay any part of a song you want for practice! Is there a stream you just can't pass? A fast part of a song that confuses you? This would help a great deal....I can't wait to try this on Kita Saitama (is aiming for FC).

You can skip stanzas, or go back, and if the song has forked paths you can even press A to swap between paths! Very useful addition.


  1. I was wondering why they took this feature out of PSPDX. It was very useful, esp annoying songs with the killer stream at the very end. (You'd have to play the song, right until the end, just to practise that part. *sigh*)

  2. They need to put Medley mode in this too. :/

  3. not to mention detarame mode =/

  4. Too much awesome.
    Namco is just asking for me to give them all my money.

  5. Love Letter was confirmed in the Famitsu list brah

  6. Err... so...

    WHY have you removed it from the list? It wasn't either on the Wii4 songlist lololol

  7. Also, fixed the title of the last Muscle March song.

  8. Ah now I remember, I didn't put it in the Wii4 list because of unofficial source :P Sorry about that.