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Friday, September 16, 2011

Double Rose!

Just one post back we talked about a new Rose song confirmed for New Taiko, which was Red Rose Evangel. That wasn't the end of it; Famitsu and several other gaming websites (like Dengeki) also reported another Rose song not in the conference video, called Blue Rose Ruin, and this is going to Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Kettei-Ban! Right now, it's unknown whether New Taiko will get Blue and Wii4 will get Red.

Arcade gets Red Rose, console gets Blue Rose. Wonder if both arcade and console will get both songs and every other commemorative 10th anniversary song? It would make for a great surprise!

Thanks to crystalsuicune for the find!

Edit: Also not in the video shown below was the announcement of AKB48's collaboration with Taiko no Tatsujin. For the 10th anniversary they have provided a song called Kaze Wa Fuite Iru (風は吹いている), which will be on Taiko Wii 4 and New Taiko's songlists when they come out.


  1. Let's see. Black Rose, White Rose, Red Rose, Blue Rose,...

    ...so, what's next? Yellow Rose Pikachu? xDDD

  2. @Lok: Even better, Pink Rose Jigglypuff xD

    Also, here is my prediction:
    The Red Rose will be easy like White Rose.
    The Blue Rose will be hard as Black Rose.

  3. @LJ: EVEN BETTER!: Pink Rose EMPRESS.


  5. @Ian

    Nah,it's in HAPPY SKY