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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to download songs (Taiko PSP DX)

The method to download songs for Taiko PSP DX is somewhat different to the one used in previous PSP Taiko games. Now, instead of going online to get the raw files, players will have to sign in to PSN (PlayStation Network) Japan to get at the songs. Here's how:

Before you start:
  • Make sure the wireless LAN switch on your PSP is on
  • You have the latest PSP official firmware
  • You are able to connect to a PS Spot or other wireless LAN networks
Now, connect to your hotspot of choice. If you're in a public area, set your Network Options to Infrastructure Mode and set up a new connection.

If you're connecting to a PS Spot, go to Wireless LAN settings and search for a wireless hotspot. the PS Spot should show up and you can connect normally.

Set up a PlayStation Network account if you haven't done so already, by going to PSN from the Home menu and selecting the 'Sign Up for PSN' option, then follow the on-screen instructions. Choose a username and password. (NOTE: you must sign up for a Japanese PSN account! If you have an European/American one, just log out and then start the subscription)

After fiddling around with your personal details and stuff on the PSN website, confirm using your Account Settings that you're using the system to download game content, and not videos/comics.

Or maybe you've already done all of the above, in which case you can skip to the part right below. Remember to sign in to PSN first before you start downloading!

You can download songs from inside Taiko PSP DX itself, under the Download option in the Main Menu. It's the light-blue panel, 3rd from right. Select it, connect normally, and you will be taken to Taiko Portable DX's official site.

If you're downloading from the PlayStation Store, search for Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX. There will be two selections after you select the game's menu, New Download Items and All Download Items (the difference being All is the archive, while New shows the latest songs for that month only). Click either one, select a song, then download away!

If you're buying a song, you will be asked to pay up first, using your credit card or the virtual wallet.

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  1. Can you use any valid credit card when you download a priced song for 150 yen?

  2. You can use credit cards to buy PSN store points, then use those to download songs.

  3. So you can use PSN points to buy songs, right? ^^

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. And you can use Japanese PSN gift cards to redeem points and then be able to use them to download songs.

  6. are free the songs? or I have to pay for each download?

  7. Can you download songs from this game to any of the other PSP games? I have the portable 2 and would like some of the downloadable songs from this game.