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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Song of the Week! 28 March 2020

Nijiiro Version is among us, at long last! With that is also coming back the last-gen-kickstarted trend of organizing public song contests in order to adopt new original songs into the Taiko family.

Have one of the former contest winners for today, as an augur for future good music submissions!

 Gloria K.key
Allx5 (207)x7 (289)x7 (502)x10 (888)
 Taiko 0 W, Taiko 3DS 3, Taiko PS4, Taiko +, CD CC-5

One of the winners from the TnT World Championship 2016 music contest, Gloria was the winning submission from the nicknamed K.key (Twitter; SoundCloud; YouTube), who also goes online by the similarly-sounding nickname of Kakky~ (かっき~). By his own admission among the online outlets he's in, K.key loves song 'with a running feeling' to them, striving to make music game-sounding tracks by himself that go beyond the 200 base BPM value. Another contribution to music gaming from the same creator was with the song Gift box, available in Muse Dash.

This artist joined the 2015 song-making contest with three different entries -this very song, Archrival and Chronicle- with current Taiko Team leader Etou giving his blessings on it in more than an occasion. As one of the contest winner, Etou highly praised it as a track that was tailor-fit to be a contest-born songs for its overall direction anticipating a not-straightforward hurdle that gave him the impression of bearing one ideal message from its creator: "I want to defeat this song and earn glory".  Etou also penned this song's charts and fully explained them as part of a Finals-heated contest setting in one of the older Taiko blog's posts (source; mirrored with WBM), dubbing it as the perfect example of a song that is "In search of brillance".

With only common phases and a pinch of 1/12-1/24 cluster changes, Etou made its Oni notechart in order to be easy for it to be understood and played it with commonplace clusters leading up to an harder portion, only with an aggressively-high base pace that would eventually lead its players to truly feel something in the likes of "I used to struggle with these kind of formations at some time, but now I can keep up so well with those". Another flair that Etou boasted to be perfect for competitive-play means -both in the blog entry and in the former livestream series- is the splicing of drumroll-affine special markers in-between regular note formations, boasting the 'risk vs reward' player mindset of exploiting drumrolls for the highest point gain while weighting in the notes that come right afterwards, in a physical game of how to score the most without either lowering your single note accuracy or breaking a combo streak. Etou was so invested into this song and its chart creation that the choice of having its 888-combo value for Oni mode was made so that Etou himself could metaphorically 'clap' to the player's perfect play, with repeated '8's used in Japanese Internet slang for clap purposes!


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  2. Psst, could you please put the original Doraemon Ondo and Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo in just one Song of the Week double feature? Please pretty please?

    1. We've already had these Doraemon songs covered in a dedicated song series feature in the past, but after we received some copyright complaints for one of the Anime song series pages, we've had to remove them from the blog.

      The contestation is still pending, so I'm afraid we're unable to republish such features anytime soon...