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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Song of the Week! 14 March 2020

This month may be 'March', but with today's pick... it's time to run instead!

 Mr. Runner (Mr.ランナー) MOES feat. singman
Allx4 (153)x6 (237)x7 (531)x9 (892)
 Taiko NSwitch

Strong of the victorious result achieved in the very first CreoFUGA song-making contest, the composer known as MOES has had its fair share of Namco Original commissions, with two works that made their premiere on arcade grounds and two more joining the parade from the console front... in the same game, no less! The latest of said console-first spotlights a sionger we've already heard of in the past, one  we know some more trivia to talk about...

The male vocalist of Mr. Runner is singman, art name for professional singer Hiroaki Takeuchi (竹内浩明). His voice is most commonly heard for jingles in products commercials of all sorts, from Blueberry Eye to Book Off and NTT DoCoMo's Glowing Soba, but his talent has made the rounds in all sorts of media fields, from song covers to music in Anime (including Precure and Mobile Suit Gundam) and videogames, such as LocoRoco 2, Splatoon 2 and some Idolm@ster OSTs. He's been not entirely silent on the music gaming field either, as his voice is featured in a couple of songs from the pop'n music series: pop'n 9's Taga Tame Ni and pop'n Lapistoria's Tsurezure My World.

Following his vocal performance in the Game Music genre's Phoenix under the lyrics sheet penned by the nicknamed piyo, the voice of singman can be heard once more in Taiko gaming in this quirky original composition, whose Oni mode notechart throws one curve ball after another to the player in order to make its performance flich, between clusters/tempo signature trickery and a speed shift halfaway the play. Be careful!


  1. This one is much like Jumenso, because they both get faster at later points (Jumenso about halfway through and Mr. Runner toward the end). Jotei -Imbiratula- also gets faster, but only at the very end.