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Thursday, December 5, 2019

First Video: AC0 Green v10.05's New Songs

Green Version's new seasonal Rewards Shop refresh is up, and with it are also a trio of track newcomers. There's nothing more fitting to welcome a frosty month than a Summer-titled licensed song, kicking things up with a par-to-the-course 6-star Oni chart.

See you after the jump for the latest Namco Original duo!


UFO Swingin' Shibagaki feat. A. Dokuga
  シバガキ feat. A. Dokuga

氷竜 ~Kooryu~ Azu♪

First things first, here's the latest speed demon in the red-colored genre, whose BPM values always fluctuates over the value of 240! Couple it with clusters made of multiple tempo changes in-between and you got a deadly mix even without plastering single-color note changes in clusters on a very frequent manner.

With UFO Swingin' starring music game newcomers, the nicknamed Azu♪ is back with dragon-titled songs, venturing from the seasons motif to an element-focused one, in two flavors of Oni from the get-go.

If its frequent rhythm variations and its Oni mode's Go-Go Time portions aren't enough to chill your drumming spirit, the Ura Oni counterpart is more than primed to lower first-try Full Combo chances sub-zero, not only with more notes but also with nastier tricks. Watch out for these really dense 3-note clusters and more puzzling handswitch moments in-between clusters in general!

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