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Friday, January 4, 2019

Twitter Snippets (1-4 January 2019) - Taiko (but not really Taiko) News Ports

Once again, it's not surprising for us to start the year with little to no new Taiko content to talk about, so we'll have some seemingly-Taiko-related news to talk about instead, for today!

Starting from the above tweet, Yomii of D's Adventure Note has decided to start the year right by introducing the world to D's Advance Notes, another song that is related to the aforementioned contest-winning Namco Original song. Check it out on Youtube to see the similarities with the first DAN-signed work!

Flashforward to today, when we are greeted to an external music game collaboration notice, aiming to port some also-on-Taiko songs to new playable fields! Thanks to a tie-in event with Groove Coaster, lowiro's mobile music game Arcaea is bound to receive 5 songs from Taito's music game series, including Scarlet Lance and ouroboros -twin stroke of the end-.

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