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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Song of the Week! 15 December 2018

A quick one for today, starring the latest song debut from Taiko PS4's DLC pool.

 via lactea feat. Setsunann
Allx3 (127)x5 (307)x6 (411)x7 (593)
 Taiko PS4

The additional newcomers support that Session de Dodon ga Don/Drum Session has gotten through the DLC packs has brought to light some peculiar addition to the Namco Original genre, including something that might as well be a first for the series: a song with both Chinese and English lyrics! Accomplishing such a feat is via lactea, a song whose title is the Latin wording for 'Mily Way'.

The core artist involved in the song, as well as the song-subtitle mentioned artis, is the vocalist Setsunann (薛南) (Soundcloud profile), a Taiwanese artist who is currently affiliated to the Harmonic Reflection doujin circle. Nothing much about the artist's whereabouts are known as of far, aside from her musical contributions that have been made across the years (link), including both pieces used for commercially-available games as well as cameos in many other doujin circles' productions of both M-3 and Comiket conventions. For the former category, Setsunann has already made a name of her own in Rayark music gaming with a couple of songs: Eclipse (from VOEZ) and Scenery in your eyes (from Cytus II).

Thanks to the vocalist herself from Twitter (link), we already know all the other people who contributed for via lactea's creation! The song's composer/arranger and lyricist are respectively the nick-named EAjRock and Uniparity (already involved in the making of the aforementioned Cytus II song); Shan-Wei and Chen are credited for the guitar performance and recording duties, while the final product's mixing was handled by Shi Kuang Lee.

Difficulty-wise, via lactea's Oni challenge can be compared to a note-heavier modern take on Chiheisen no Aeolia's challenge degree: a middle-ground chart for the most part with a problematic pattern to handle in one specific part of the song, with this song's nasty side being showcased shortly after the second Go-Go Time zone. Do mind those 5-note, monocolor clusters, too!

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