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Thursday, December 27, 2018

[NS1] A Generous Helping of Seconds in January DLC

「ポップスパック Vol.2」1月10日~配信開始! 「達人チャレンジパック Vol.2」1月10日~配信開始!

Call it lackluster or otherwise especially when compared with its older brother, the DLC cycle for Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version is still going on. You can now consider yourself loyal when you waited long enough for a brand new Namco Original to finally debut on the January 10 DLC addition. (geeze how low has the bar gone)

The banner on the left shows the Pops Pack Vol. 2 (ポップスパック Vol.2, 400 yen+tax), the three songs of which has the common point of being performed by large-scale idol groups each with 40+ members. I don't know what appeal there is with them but this would be a handy pack to have if you are partial:

Glass o Ware!
Koisuru Fortune Cookie

And if the last Tatsujin Challenge Pack feels underwhelming to you, featuring only one ★10 notechart, the sequel Tatsujin Challenge Pack Vol. 2 (達人チャレンジパック Vol.2, 500 yen+tax) might feel more so because there are zero ★10... or just for now, because we have the a never-before-seen pick at ultimate:

Maow feat. Yuu (pLumsonic!)
Scroll Mika
Pastel Dream
パステル ドリーム
Karui Zawameki
Inu no Norimono feat. Kaoru Katai NEW!

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