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Friday, December 28, 2018

First Video: Clotho

Clotho クロートー Tatsh feat. Yu Oda NEW!
  Tatsh feat. 小田ユウ

The latest God Collection addition by Tatsuya Shimizu checks in with a pure-1/16 Oni notechart, worth of the top-rating treatment due to the high note density and its eerie similarities with former Oni trials in the likes of Ao no Senritsu, Red Rose Evangel and the arcade Ryougen no Mai. Expect the God Collection page to be updated with more trivia soon enough!

While you wait for that, though, here's something that we've missed about this song from social media talks: as tweeted by Tatsh himself and the singer Yu Oda, Clotho will already be getting a longer version to boot, as it's the previously-unnamed track that is featured in GEMINI, one of Tatsh's latest Comiket albums for this year-end's incoming new edition of said fair. Below is the official crossfade video of said album (without Clotho), starring some other songs that have already made the rounds in different music game series.

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