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Friday, December 14, 2018

An Almost Too Late Tenkaichi Otogesai 5 Block Qualifiers Pickup


Following the trend of missing updates, we have also missed reporting the next step of the fifth Tenkaichi Otogesai: the Block Qualifiers (ブロック決勝大会) that is dated literally tomorrow and the day after (December 15-16). The list of Block Qualifiers venues is released on November 27 and the song choices on December 3.

Tenkaichi Otogesai 5 Block Qualifiers: Taiko no Tatsujin Blue ver.
Semi-finalsouroboros -twin stroke of the end-
  Cranky VS MASAKI/Groove Coaster
  Cranky VS MASAKI 「グルーヴコースター」より
3rd-place DeciderXevel
  Tatsh 「CHUNITHM」より
FinalsSeiten no Reimei
/steμ feat.siroa
(if 4th and 5th are tied
in the Preliminary)
Sacred Ruin
セイクリッド ルイン
DokuLO CANdy♡
Aka no Senritsu

The rules are basically the same from the previous installments: all Onis, bring your Banapassport, no Official MyBachis or anything on the drums and all that jazz. Check the full list at the official Tenkaichi Otogesai site.

Meanwhile our Taiko no Tatsujin representatives are also featured as song choices for the other games:
  • Taiko Drum Monster - SOUND VOLTEX Preliminary
  • Taiko Drum Monster - CHUNITHM Semi-finals
  • Taiko Drum Monster - Groove Coaster Semi-finals
  • Sacred Ruin - maimai Preliminary

If you have keep good track of Tenkaichi Otogesai news (unlike us for the last month), you should remember that maimai was not among the games to receive exchange songs last year including Sacred Ruin and others (actually not this year either). That was changed when those cross-inclusions are just freshly added yesterday (December 13) (official Twitter).

Here's a quick look at Sacred Ruin's MASTER notechart:

And that's about it on the Block Qualifier updates for now. Hopefully we will remember to relay news about the National Final Showdown dated January 26 on JAEPO 2019 floors.

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