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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

[NSwitch] - Post-Halloween Performance Character Duo

While not being properly advertised, the Nintendo Switch Taiko gaming is having a new downloadable Performance Character for everyone to enjoy, for free! Nekoko & Tomomo from the plush toy-raising game Nekotomo, already the source material for one of the Switch Taiko game's newcomer Game Music songs, can be downloaded for free from the eShop page of the game.

Thanks to SpottyBlue from the Discord group for the find!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

[PS4-1] Around the World in 80 Ranked Matches: Event Jump Out! Worldwide Taiko Fest


Another Taiko Ranked Match Event for PS4-1 is approaching fast, starting November 2nd through 13th! Hmm, that's a familiar date to start an event with a worldwide-travel theme...

Beside the usual prize line-up including new thematic outfit parts, titles and the exclusively returning song, we'd like our Asian Donders to note that the starting/ending time for this event will be 18:00 JPT instead 12:00. That conveniently translates into about 09:00~12:00 for Europe or 02:00~05:00 for the United States (depending on time zone).

Taiko Ranked Match Event


Jump Out! Worldwide Taiko Fest
Title: Hello! World
Head: Compass
Body: Rainbow
Don-chan Sekai Ryokou
Body: Earth
Title: Master of the World
達人 ザ・ワールド
Don Koban ×5
ドン小判 5枚

PS. We are testing some new format ideas for the Additional Contents pages for PS4-1 and NS1, to something like the above table. Feedback most welcome.

If you hadn't caught our very explicit hints above, this event is very obviously celebrating the western release of Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session. BNEI's official press releases (e.g. Dengeki Online) confirms the event is including ghost performances from North American and European players. Hopefully that thins out the Infinite Rebellion matches.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sonority Scouts - Outsider 5th Otogesai Newcomers + Monster Madness

Now that we've seen what the recurring cross-over tournament had in storm for the Taiko side, why don't we take a sneak peak to the other participating franchises' newcomer pieces, after the jump?

Who knows if these may be Taiko port material like last year's Tenkaichi-original songs, after all!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Song of the Week! 27 October 2018

Yes, yes, another perma-removal SotW feature... By this point, I'm almost convinced that the Taiko people are doing this repeating stunt on not-Saturday-featured-songs-by-us on purpose, so that I can get upset about that in the very same announcement week!

Friday, October 26, 2018

First Video: via lactea and the 5th Tenkaichi Otogesai Raid

October 25 sees brand new songs from two fronts together, so here's the big First Video feature a day late! :P

First Video: October 25 2018

via lactea feat. Setsunan
  feat. 薛南


  Tatsh 「CHUNITHM」より

ouroboros -twin stroke of the end-
  Cranky VS MASAKI/Groove Coaster
  Cranky VS MASAKI 「グルーヴコースター」より

Seiten no Reimei
青天の黎明/steμ feat. siroa

Namco Taiko Blog (September 27 2018) - The ACTUAL AC0 Blue ver. Song Removal

Turns out that's not the only song removal this season; Groovy Duel from last month was just the prelude of the bigger loss... an eleven-time bigger loss.

Blue ver. Song Removal: November 21 2018

  Also found: WiiU3 DLC
Start Line! Aikatsu Stars!
  Also found: 3DS3 DLC

Hanamaru◎biyori! Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
  AC0 exclusive

QUESTION Assassination Classroom
  Also found: 3DS3 / Plus/STH

Hard Knock Days One Piece
  Also found: 3DS3 / Wii U3

talking Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER
  Also found: Vita1 DLC / Plus/STH

V (Volt) Pokémon XY
V (ボルト)/「ポケットモンスター XY」より
  Also found: 3DS2 / WiiU2 / Plus/STH

Warera Omou, Yue ni Warera Ari Kamen Rider Ghost
  Also found: WiiU3 DLC / 3DS3 / Plus/STH

Doraemon no Uta
  Also found: AC4~14 / PS2-2 / PS2-5 / DS1 / Plus/STH

Pokémon X/Y Wild Pokémon Battle Medley
ポケットモンスター X・Y/野生ポケモン戦メドレー
  Also found: WiiU1

Pokémon X/Y Trainer Battle Medley
ポケットモンスター X・Y/トレーナー戦メドレー
  Also found: WiiU1 DLC

Other removal details are as follows:
  • The following collab titles and outfits cannot be newly obtained starting November 21, but those already got them can still use them
  • Usage of these songs in Donder Hiroba tournaments and challenges are terminating earlier, starting November 1 00:00
  • Scores and rankings on Donder Hiroba will be closed off starting November 21 07:00
  • If you have set any of these songs as a favourite, the slot will be change back to unspecified as of November 21 07:00
  • Crown totals are not adjusted as of now but at a suitable time later

Thursday, October 25, 2018

[PS4-1] A Pittari Veil for the Pittari-filled DLC Line-up


Song lists speaks louder than words, so what better way to relay the news for the next four DLC packs than to just show the song list tables?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

First Video: Countdown

Blue ver. Version Update Newcomer: October 10th, 2018

Countdown Detective Conan

Together with the Performance Battle mode's new stages (+ related unlocks) and the public debut of the latest Touhou Project arranges on the arcade Taiko field, we also get a newly-playable Detective Conan song to talk about, straight from the long-lasting Anime series!

This longer-than-your-average-Taiko-cut Anime entry is not afraid to stress players' physical capabilites, as the repeating cluster-based note patterns are sure to get a toll on some 1st-timer careless plays.