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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Namco Taiko Blog (September 27 2018) - The Duel Settles: AC0 Blue ver. Song Removal

The eventual probelm for licensed picks on the 3rd-generation arcade is that Taiko Team would be required to remove the song as the licensing deal ends. The Namco Taiko Blog post today is one such example:

Blue ver. Song Removal: October 23 2018

Groovy Duel★3★5★7★10

Other removal details are as follows:
  • Collab title "Amphibious" (水陸両用) and outfit Acguy (アッガイ) cannot be newly obtained starting October 23, but those already got them can still use them
  • Usage of this song in Donder Hiroba tournaments and challenges are terminating earlier, starting October 5 00:00
  • Scores and rankings on Donder Hiroba will be closed off starting October 23 07:00
  • If you have set this song as a favourite, the slot will be change back to unspecified as of October 23 07:00
  • Crown totals are not adjusted as of now but at a suitable time later
Link to original post (wow that post number)

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