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Friday, September 14, 2018

Taiko Time 8th Anniversary Quiz: The Answers

Unless otherwise stated, all questions in this quiz assumes the status as of July 21 2018 (e.g. counting Nintendo Switch Version and the addition of Dangan Notes on Blue ver.).

Question 1: Spotlight for Kat-chan
Starting off with a dedication to possibly the favorite Taiko brother of some, what is conanically Kat-chan's favorite song on Taiko no Tatsujin Blue ver.?
Answer: Nightmare Survivor, because "かっちゃんの好きなきょく" (Kat-chan's favourite song) was added as the song's "subtitle" for the 2018 Detective Conan collaboration. Yup, "conanically" is not a careless typo but a deliberate hint.

Question 2: Smartphone Charades
Name six free-to-play mobile games that collaborated with franchises that Taiko no Tatsujin also collaborated with, and of course name the respective collab parties as well. At least two of your answers should have their collabs started on the same calendar year as the Taiko collab.
Answer: Many answers work, but here are some examples that we have thought of ourselves or received from you:
  • Hortensia Saga (via Deemo) 
  • Brave Frontier (via Deemo) 
  • Puyopuyo!! Quest (via Osomatsu-san, Detective Conan, Hello Kitty etc.)
  • Granblue Fantasy (via Detective Conan)
  • Puzzle & Dragons (via Groove Coaster etc.)
  • Kotodaman (via Puyopuyo)
  • Pashamon (via Puyopuyo)

Question 3: Overseas Human Rights Revisited
Rank all Asian ver. 3rd generation arcade firmware versions by the gap between the Japanese and Asian releases, from shortest to longest.
Answer: Our list of arcade Taiko games should be very handy for this purpose. Here is the ranking and the relevant gap length:
  1. Yellow ver. = Kimidori ver. (21 days)
  2. Blue ver. (29 days)*
  3. Murasaki ver. (36 days)
  4. White ver. (41 days)
  5. Momoiro ver. (47 days)
  6. Red ver. (54 days)
*No set date for the Asian release was given officially, but July 13 2018 was the day for the Facebook announcement, and evidence for completed updates is found on the same day. 

Question 4: Dokodon in the Details
The following strings of characters all follow a certain pattern in reference to a song's notecharts. With the first three strings as examples, figure out which songs the last three strings are pointing to.
  • ex-484dkkddkkddkkddkkdd = Yawaraka Sensha
  • 1142(Kdd)4KKKK = Yami no Mahou Shoujo
  • 14kkkrCKdddkd = SHOGYO MUJO
  • 479rrrrRRrrRRrRrrRRrR = ???
  • ex-261ddkdddDDDDAdkddk = ???
  • 407(kkkdkkkdkkkdkdkd)4dd = ???
Answer: In order, they are Asteroid, A Cruel Angel's Thesis and All In My Heart. The rules for the codes are:
  • All codes take from the Oni notecharts, except a leading "ex-" means the Ura Oni notechart is used instead
  • The leading number is the combo number reached just before getting to the part
  • d is don, k is kat, r is a yellow drumroll, and capital letters are the large note versions
  • A/B/C denotes a Path Divergence point to Master, Professional and Normal routes respectively
  • Bracket followed by a number means the phrase within is repeated for that number of times

Question 5: International Donder
Taiko no Tatsujin sure is going global recently, having got releases in four languages already and more to come as seen from deeper digs. Name seven languages used in Taiko no Tatsujin vocal songs.
Answer: This question should be easy enough if you remember the many Classical and foreign pop songs Taiko has had. Many answers work and here are a few examples we accept:
  • Japanese (duh)
  • English (Pop and Rock from TDM, as well as the likes of IN THE ZONE and Taiko no Tatsujin Ai no Theme)
  • Chinese (C-POPs and Folk in AC11A, AC12A and PSVita)
  • Korean (MISTER)
  • Neapolitan (Funiculi Funicula, O Sole Mio)
  • German (Ninth Symphony)
  • Latin (Requiem from Dies Irae)
  • Russian (Sayonara Varya)
  • Brazilian (those two Wadaiko Master songs)
  • Esperanto (Negai wa Esperanto)
  • Processing (void setup... why not!)
We however do not accept just "programming" without mentioning the Processing language, or "scat singing" (Kurukuru Kurokkuru) as answers here.

Question 6: Find That Song, Episode 6
"Hey again! Since two years ago I got myself all the Taiko no Tatsujin games and merch for the last ten years and played them all through, and I am proud to say I don't need your help finding songs every year now! ...except this song that I haven't heard myself before but my grandpa had quite a lot when he was in Japan, after that accident he had. This song's title has a different song's title in it, and its lyrics mentions two more song's title. What song is it anyway?"
Answer: Shunkashuutou Dondokodon which is exclusive for Taiko no Tatsujin RT ~Nippon no Kokoro~ (released in 2006 at the latest) aimed at providing assistance in muscle rehabilitation in injured patients and elderly people. Its title has "Shunkashuutou" in it and the lyrics contains "Dodon ga Don" and "Natsu Matsuri".

Question 7: Speed Demon
Which song has the one single note that is overtaken by the most notes?
Answer: Donkama 2000. Dual Moon is at second place and others (like Phoenix Wright Medley) don't come even close.

Question 8: Endscreen Enigma
Not many people care about results screen, so for this last question let's give it some spotlight! If you rank the various results screen jingles after each song (of the standard Performance Game mode) by the number of games it has appeared from most to least, which rank does Nintendo Switch Version's jingle land?
Answer: Tied first with another jingle. Here are the breakdown of the seven jingles used so far:
  1. (14 games) AC5 / AC6 / PS2-3 / PS2-Anime1 / Wii1 / Wii2 / Wii3 / Wii4 / Wii5 / PSPDX / WiiU1 / WiiU2 / WiiU3 / NS
    (14 games) PS2-4 / PS2-5 / PS2-6 PS2-7 / PS2-Anime2 / TDM / PSP1 / PSP2 / DS1 / DS2 / DS3 / 3DS1 / 3DS2 / 3DS3
  2. (12 games) AC0 (original / KATSU-DON / Sorairo / Momoiro / Kimidori / Murasaki / White / Red / Yellow / Blue) / PSVita / PS4
  3. (11 games) AC7 / AC8 / AC9 / AC10 / AC11 / AC11Asia / AC12 / AC12Asia / AC12.5 / AC13 / AC14
  4. (3 games) AC2 / AC3 / PS2-1
  5. (2 games) AC4 / PS2-2
  6. (1 game) AC1

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