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Saturday, September 1, 2018

First Video: Hito no Okane de Yakiniku o Shokushitai!

Blue ver. Song Addition: September 1 2018

Hito no Okane de Yakiniku o Shokushitai! NEW!
  INSPION Special Collab

The last of 2018's Summer-end high difficulty contenders has landed to the arcade grounds! Before talking about the song's charts as per usual, let's pick up the time lost and provide you a couple of updates regarding the song and the creation process after the contest:

Erratum (2018/09/01): Rewritten after further fact checking.
Before anything, we'd like to correct on our report on the contest results back in November, because we have mistaken the award names there. Checking back to the contest page, the "Excellence Awards" (優秀賞) going to Takuro Kuwamura (桑村拓朗) and Okaka (おかか) are the actual top prizes (with the entailing "yakiniku on other's dime" and production opportunity). ORIhime (ORI姫)'s entry received praise as honorable mention but is not the top winner. We apologize for the mistake.

The final song, while still sticking with the base melody by INSPION's Yuuichi Tsuchiya (土屋裕一), went with the lyrics written by Desaku (デ作) for Okaka's entry which won in the Best Creative department. The song's official karaoke music video on the official INSPION Youtube channel posted on August 31 shows the three winners in the said yakiniku dinner and recording process and key members of INSPION team and familar BNEI/Taiko Team staff.

The second barbecue-themed Namco Original (after D.watt's IOSYS Aki no Nikushoku Matsuri 2014) checks in with a 7-star Oni variant mostly made of small clusters with bi-color cluster combinations and a 10-star Oni that can be best described as a merge of Taiko Time's Ura Oni and Eikyoku/Gyouan's Oni mode. Despite bearing less notes than either the two songs, both off-beat-based 1/16 cluster sections and commonplace cluster hybrids with 1/24 clusters are commonplace factors for the series' latest Ura Oni.

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