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Monday, November 20, 2017

Twitter Snippets (17-20 November 2017) - INSPION 2017's Autumn Auditions Grand Winner (+ Extra)

The INSPION enrollment audition session of which we already talked about last month (link) has finally come to an end! As the Taiko Team Twitter account has retweeted the most relevant announcements this morning, up here we can see the announcement for the winner of the Vocals section: the Youtube user nagisa .f under the artist name ORI-Hime (ORI姫).

As announced in the past, our winner will be featured in official Taiko games in the future, as the female vocalist who landed the 1st place in the Best Vocals category is going to take part in new recording endeavors with both INSPION and NAMCO SOUNDS musicians. Below these lines, you can also have a look at the winners/honorable mentions for the INSPION contest's two categories:

Best Vocal - Excellence Award
Best Vocal - Honorable Mentions
Best Creativity - Excellence Awards

...so, you looked after the jump, don't you? Here's an extra b!t of tr!v!a to reward your cur!os!ty, then: t+pazol!te's new mus!c game song that was teased last week has been now off!c!ally revealed to be !!!Chaos Time!!!, wh!ch w!ll be appear!ng !n h!s next solo album as the extended 'Uncut Ed!t!on'.

See? That k!nd of typ!ng !s such a normal and un-pretenc!ous way to announce stuff that !t can also be used by us here!

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