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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Namco Taiko Blog (August 29 2018): Another YouTube-licious Summer Collaboration

Wow what a fun event full of Taiko no Tatsujin! I wish it were not limited to Japan only... huh, that's the UUUM x Taiko no Tatsujin Creator Summer Festival (UUUM×太鼓の達人 クリエイター夏祭り) on August 25? What is this, a redux of last year's collaboration with the Japanese MCN but on Blue ver.?

Apparently it is, because after appearing in the special cabinets in the event, two new J-POP songs by UUUM creators will be appearing on public Blue ver. cabinets starting tomorrow, August 30.

Blue ver. Song Additions: August 30 2018

Niji Public debut
/Fischer's ‐フィッシャーズ‐
JOIN US UUUM Collab Unit Public debut

These two new additions will also be put into the special UUUM Creator Special (UUUMクリエイター特集) folder together with the existing YouTube Theme Song.

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