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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Taiko Plus/STH: A YouTube-licious Summer Collaboration

Taiko no Tatsujin and YouTube are having a collaboration!

...wait, no, just with UUUM, one of Japan's largest MCN/production company, and their thirty-plus YouTuber talents. ...okay *puts down Nerdfighter salute*

Collab Special Site: https://u.app.taiko-ch.net/

New Songs: July 25 2017
YouTubeテーマソング YouTube Theme Song NEW! (3/4/5/7; 455 notes on Oni)

チャンピオンロード Champion Road NEW! (2/3/6/8; 520 notes on Oni)
   ぺけたん&ンダホ from フィッシャーズ Peketan & 'Ndaho from Fischer's

Both songs are limited-time free for all players up to 20 times. GTH subscribers can play with no limit.

Taiko no Tatsujin Plus/STH x Uuum Carnival Point Attack Event: July 25 15:00~August 21 11:00
Play songs on Plus/STH and submit your scores to get Don-chan Points (w.r.t. submitted score) and Kat-chan Points (w.r.t. number of times played) for the whole community. Playing the above collaboration songs nets you 3 times as much points.

Reaching designated checkpoints grants everyone additional Fukubiki prizes in-game (with Don-chan Points) and better Normal Clear souvenirs from the Taiko no Tatujin Plus booth at Uuum Carnival Plus across August 7~9 (with Kat-chan Points):

Don-chan Points
5 million: Collab special app theme
10 million: Collab special Taiko skin
30 million: Collab special wallpaper
50 million: Collab special Don-chan outfit
80 million: In-game exclusive YouTuber video

Kat-chan Points
300 thousand: 2 stickers
500 thousand: 3 stickers
700 thousand: 5 stickers
1 million: 5 stickers + 1 rubber key holder
1.5 million: 5 stickers + 1 rubber key holder + drawing (2 daily) of signature sheets by HIKAKIN, SEIKIN, Peketan and 'Ndaho

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