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Friday, August 3, 2018

Across Japan (August 3 2018): Too Much Bond may not be a Good Thing

Firstly, thanks to Number 11 for mentioning the greater-Asian Donders at the end of the Namco Taiko Blog post today:

アップデートの準備、進めています! もうしばらくお待ちください~
To everyone in (greater) Asia that has been reading this blog
Preparations for the update is in progress! Please wait just a bit more~

Well okay, thanks. But apparently we have to deal with a more pressing matter, like in Performance Battle mode the Bond Level with Amitie can wrongly get over the current cap of 29. A hotfix will be applied on August 4 (Japan Time).

If your Bond Level have already got to 30 or higher, the level will be reverted to 29 with this hotfix but only for now. When the level cap increases in the future, the extra levels you have got before the fix will be returned to you (unless you got so many extra levels it still exceeds the new cap).

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  1. I can't believe I somehow woke up 30000 years into the future today

    1. That was actually our own Bond counter! Will be accordingly fixed soon enough :*)

    2. Are you secretly Captain America

  2. You know in the original post, there is an English translation at the bottom of the post.