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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Twitter Snippets (26 June 2018) - INSPION's 96-Enhanced Album

...while we've chained away an highly-excited Lokamp for today's news reveal, today is in our greatest interest to talk about today's sondtrack-related news before he comes back to spaz everywhere

Guitarist/drummer composer Daisuke Kurosawa is making his first soundtrack album as a member of INSPION, with its title -BLACK ALBUM 2- being a reference/continuation to his former personal album release under the bemani days. Coming out on August 8th this year, BLACK ALBUM 2 is bound to include the extended versions of two songs that are featured in Taiko gaming: INSPION and R.I., both of which also available in the company INSPION's Youtube channel. The full tracklist is already available at the official website of this musical project.

In more general music game talk, the album is also bound to include the track Phantom Razor, which premiered as an additional-content track in Rayark's Cytus II.

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