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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack: Ramune

Thanks once again to Deadwantsha from the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord for staying ever so vigilant on the Amazon "forests" and finding that Namco has uploaded another preliminary item entry for the eight-wave soundtrack project with Clarice Disc.

The fourth soundtrack is subtitled Ramune (ラムネ), expected to release on July 11 and is said to host 31 "cool & sparkling killer tunes, centering around works from popular artists active in music games and more". That description alone should be enough for you to guess half the track list correctly, or at least which artist they mean. In fact, before you go through the skip and check the full track list, try to name as many songs you can guess and see how many you are correct.

Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack Ramune: July 11 2018
01. セイクリッド ルイン Sacred Ruin
02. 黒神クロニクル Kokushin Chronicle
03. マリオネットピュア Marionette Pure
04. 流浪の琥珀姫 Rurou no Kohaku Hime
05. 竜と黒炎の姫君 Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi
06. 零の夜想曲 Zero no Nocturne
07. 零の狂詩曲 Zero no Rhapsody
08. 朱の旋律 Aka no Senritsu
09. 夢と現実の境界線 Yume to Genjitsu no Kyoukaisen
10. ガンスリンガーシンデレラ Gunslinger Cinderella
11. 輝きを求めて Kagayaki o Motomete
12. 濃紅 Koi-kurenai
13. オール・イン・マイハート All In My Heart
15. Evidence of evil
16. Turquoise Tachometer (PS. lel they misspelt it to be "AJURILA" here)
18. Purple Rose Fusion
19. Xa
20. 天照 Amaterasu
21. 月読命 Tsukuyomi
22. 須佐之男 Susanoo
23. 燎原ノ舞 Ryougen no Mai
24. 紫煌ノ乱 Shikou no Ran
25. 双竜ノ乱 Sou'ryuu no Ran
26. 幽玄ノ乱 Yuugen no Ran
27. Infinite Rebellion
28. Shiny Kung-fu Revival
29. 毒LOCANdy♡ DokuLO CANdy♡
30. 彼は誰時の誘惑 Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku
31. !!!カオスタイム!!! !!!Chaos Time!!!

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