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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack - Ramune

太鼓の達人 オリジナルサウンドトラック ラムネ

The sub-titled Ramune (ラムネ) is the 4th Taiko-related official soundtrack from 2018, as well as the mid-way point of the City Connection/Clarice Disc's 8-album collection deal about the Taiko franchise's recent history. The official description of this album mention the presence of many 'killer tunes' for the joy of high-difficulty Oni fans, alongside the works of many composers who are recurrent in other music game series.

In actuality, inside the album are enclosed groups of Namco Originals who are tied to different artists in particular, alongside other miscellaneous arcade Taiko debuts. The post-No Mai series works of Zeami/Tatsh are grouped in the Ramune soundtrack, alongside the more recent works from Yura Hatsuki, Sariya-jin, AJURIKA and t+pazolite. Like the Takoyaki album before it, this soundtrack bears no long versions of sorts.

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Key:  Namco Original

01.  Sacred Ruin (セイクリッド ルイン)
02.  Kokushin Chronicle (黒神クロニクル)
03.  Marionette Pure (マリオネットピュア)
04.  Rurou no Koaku Hime (流浪の琥珀姫)
05.  Ryuu to Kouken no Himegimi (竜と黒炎の姫君)
06.  Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)
07.  Zero no Rhapsody (零の狂詩曲)
08.  Aka no Senritsu (朱の旋律)
09.  Yume to Genjitsu no Kyoukaisen (夢と現実の境界線)
10.  Gunslinger Cinderella (ガンスリンガーシンデレラ)
11.  Kagayaki o Motomete (輝きを求めて)
12.  Koi-kurenai (濃紅)
13.  All In My Heart (オール・イン・マイハート)
14.  8OROCHI
15.  Evidence of evil
16.  Turquoise Tachometer
18.  Purple Rose Fusion
19.  Xa
20.  Amaterasu (天照)
21.  Tsukuyomi (月読命)
22.  Susanoo (須佐之男)
23.  Ryougen no Mai (燎原ノ舞)
24.  Shikou no Ran (紫煌ノ乱)
25.  Souryuu no Ran (双竜ノ乱)
26.  Yuugen no Ran (幽玄ノ乱)
27.  Infinite Rebellion
28.  Shiny Kung-fu Revival
29.  Doku LOCANdy♡ (毒LOCANdy♡)
30.  Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku (彼は誰時の誘惑)
31.  !!!Chaos Time!!! (!!!カオスタイム!!!)

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