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Friday, June 29, 2018

Amazon Leak Double Whammy: Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack Kaki-goori and Watagashi

Searching Amazon listings gives us more preview leaks for the eight-soundtrack project from City Connection/Clarice Disc once again, and it's even a double whammy this time:
  • Kaki-goori (かきごおり, lit. shaved ice) on July 25 with a 32-track lineup with "ultra cool and edgy songs centering hard instrumentals and techno styles, through NAMCO SOUNDS' Touhou Project arrangements, up to the playerbase-shocking Donkama 2000 and more"
  • Watagashi (わたがし, lit. cotton candy) on August 8 with a 29-track lineup "from story mode exclusives from 3DS3 to boundlessly dreamy fun and fluffily sweet sounds"

We also have the full track listing for Kaki-goori already (see below jump), while Watagashi still has the "To be announced" veil.

Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack Kaki-goori: July 25 2018
01. Taiko Drum Monster
02. UNDEAD HEART (怒りのWarriors) UNDEAD HEART (Ikari no Warriors)
03. ナイトメア・サバイバー Nightmare Survivor
04. Heaven's Rider
05. Phantom Rider
07. 夢幻の蒼空 Mugen no Sora
08. 深緋の心臓 -SCARLET HEART- Kokihi no Shinzou -SCARLET HEART-
09. ライコタイコディスコ Raiko Taiko Disco
10. 郢曲/暁闇 Eikyoku/Gyouan
11. Ladystar Wandering
12. junction
13. 3piece-JazzParty!
14. D's Adventure Note
15. Blessed Bouquet Buskers
16. Asteroid (full version)
17. Choco Chiptune.
18. Gloria
19. アサガオ Asagao
20. ココロボ Kokorobo
22. Hurtling Boys
23. SstTAarR★
24. Calculator
26. カグツチ Kagutsuchi
27. HARDCOREノ心得 HARDCORE no Kokoroe
28. 冷凍庫CJ ~嗚呼面太鼓ブラザーズ~ Reitouko CJ ~Amen Taiko Brothers~
29. ドンカマ2000 Donkama 2000
30. ノるどん2000 Norudon 2000
31. スーハー2000 Suuhaa 2000
32. まださいたま2000 Mada Saitama 2000

1 comment:

  1. Stinks that kaki-goori comes out the day after my birthday