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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Yamata no Orochi of Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtracks (not official name)

While the official fronts of Taiko no Tatsujin remain silent, it is from the familiar game-soundtrack publishing label Clarice Disc that we get this eight-headed scoop.

So what's the deal? Clarice Disc is setting off an eight-installment soundtrack project for Taiko no Tatsujin. Not just as small featurettes like the Sotsu Omeshiki one (2014) or the Girls Pop Mania one (2014), but full-length "legit" soundtrack albums like the Donderful/Full Combo pair (2012) standing for different themes.

The first of the eight, subtitled Ringo-ame (りんごあめ, lit. candied apple), features a tightly packed collection of peppy and vivid vocal tracks (official description) and will be released on May 30 2018. We have translated the 28-song track listing below the fold.

The soundtrack is now available for pre-order at the native Clarice Shop or on Amazon, both of which are linked in the main site of the soundtrack project.

Thanks to our familiar crystalsuicune, who found the label's Tweet retweeted into her Twitter timeline.

Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack Ringo-ame: May 30 2018
01. キミと響くハーモニー Kimi to Hibiku Harmony
02. マオウのショウタイム Maou no Showtime
03. ソプラノ姫 VS マオウ Princess Soprano VS Maou
04. あつまれ☆太鼓まつり! Atsumare☆Taiko Matsuri!
05. ロボットロケンロー☆ Robot Rock n' Roll☆
06. 迷子のUFO Maigo no UFO
07. おばけのお仕事 Obake no Oshigoto
08. うさぎのしっぽ Usagi no Shippo
09. ねぇ教えて Ne~e Oshiete
10. カラメルタイム☆ Caramel Time☆
11. ナツモノ☆ Natsumono☆
12. コナモノ☆ Konamono☆
13. ひよっこファンタジー Hiyokko Fantasy
14. 願いはエスペラント Negai wa Esperanto
15. 闇の魔法少女 Yami no Mahou Shoujo
16. ダイエットファイター Diet Fighter
17. 忍者は最高 Ninja wa Saikou
18. ニッティング・ハイ Knitting High
19. ゆれるプリーツ実行委員 Yureru Pleats Jikkouiin
20. 合唱スタボーフェ! Gasshou Stabofe!
21. 恋幻想 (Love Fantasy)
22. シューガク トラベラーズ Shugaku Travelers
23. タイムトラベラー Time Traveler
24. 鏡の国のアリス Kagami no Kuni no Alice
25. エレクトリック・ポストマン Electric Postman
26. Phoenix
27. 宝の丘 (ロングバージョン) Takara no Oka (Long Version)
28. Fly away

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