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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Song of the Week! 14 April 2018

In occasion of the really, REALLY rare occurrence of new Taiko no Tatsujin official soundtracks coming out, we have a double Namco Original feature from the next album for you. They also come from the same Taiko game!

 Robot Rock'n'Roll☆ (ロボットロケンロー☆)
Allx4 (165)x4 (202)x4 (326)x6 (500)
 Taiko Wii U 1, CD Ringo-ame

The Ringo-ame soundtrack's main focus on the original department is on the female-vocals-lead songs that have made their debut within the first current-generation console Taiko games (3DS/Wii U onward) with something that was spawn from the currently-active arcade line. From the former category, here are a couple of Wii U-unlockable songs !

Faring on the easier side of the difficulty spectrum, Robot Rock 'n' Roll is the 9th original song to be sported as a Taiko no Tatsujin exclusive thanks to the song selections that are being held at the JBG Conservatory (full list here), as well as one of the two inclusions brought us by the same composer/singer combo: the nicknamed Seagal (セガール) and Marie (真理絵). The duo will come back two years later in the final Taiko Wii U game with Maigo no UFO, the latest Namco Original coming from the JBG musicians.

It's doesn't happen very often nowadays to be served with an old-school-charted Namco Original on the 6-star Oni range, but if you need the feel of a jam session with easy-to-read patterns with (mostly) mono-color cluster formations, ... there you go!

 Electric Postman (エレクトリック・ポストマン)
Allx3 (142)x5 (244)x6 (318)x8 (566)
 Taiko Wii U 1, CD Ringo-ame

Coming to today's second feature, we truly have to thank the newly-revealed Ringo-ame soundtrack for the artist details on many years-old tunes of the Namco Original genre!

The composer/singer of Electric Postman is the Rie 'ЯIRE' Kito (鬼頭利枝), most known nowadays as the lyricist of the Vocaloid song Freely Connection (also playable in the Project Diva series). Between 2001 and 2003, she was part of the 4-girl commercial unit DIGICCO (デジっ娘) and after her departure from the act, she started performing as an independent artist under the ЯIRE alias. In music gaming, Rie Kito is also renowned for being the singer of a few selected tracks for bemani's series, such as Be Rock U (1998 burst style) from beatmania IIDX and All My Love from DanceDanceRevolution.

On the opposite spectrum of Robot Robot Rock 'n' Roll, here's one of the many "modern-charting showcase" examples, alternating off-beat sections with 1/24 cluster spikes spliced in 1/16 note clusters. The low note amount for the tier makes a little bit taxing on the average pass condition!

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