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Monday, December 11, 2017

Site Announcement: Yes, We Mod The Comments

But not to remove the genuine and enthusiastic discussion from fellow Donders. We are doing this only to remove cruddy spam comments like this, eww:

Yeah, us relaying the news about World Hobby Fair 2013 from Namco Taiko Blog really helped you in 2017. (Comment since removed from view and into the spam folder)

Speaking of blog post comments, since Blogger does not have a by-comment we check them very, very infrequently especially if it is not on the first page: only once in a reeeeeeeeaaaal while in fact. Yes, we have advertized many a times that this is one of the ways you can engage with us, yet we should have been open about that dismal frequency.

This is far from being the best way to alert us like the mass video mislinking incident earlier this year, especially not with multiple comments in months/years-old posts and especially not with "attitude". We will reserve the right to deal with (including deleting, at a minimal scale hopefully) comments that border on unconstructive spamming.

We found this only in late May long after we ourselves found the problem. Considering the actual context of what was happening, this got really morbidly insensitive all of a sudden.
(Please note that we have since deleted this and related comments for the less-than-stellar language, even while we appreciate it coming from a more-than-enthusiastic Donder.)

Here is a list of better ways that give you as much as 76.5% better chances to urgently find us in a jiffy for a blog incident:

And once again, in case one of the automated spammers stayed long enough to read this message... Please go away and don't spam us any more; we don't have the traffic that you seek.

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