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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (24 January 2013) - World Hobby Fair Winter '13

Wait, wasn't World Hobby Fair just half a year back? This convention is the winter edition of World Hobby Fair, and the Taiko Team will be present! They won't be showing anything new however.

Demos of the Taiko no Tatsujin Katsu-Don arcade will be on the showfloor.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Chogouka-Ban will also be there for anyone who has not had a chance to try it out yet!

And...what is this below us? Another one of CoroCoro's manga-turned-game for Nintendo 3DS, called "Denjyarasu Ji-san to 1000 Jin no Otomodachi Jya" (でんぢゃらすじーさんと1000人のお友だち邪). The character's name is intimidatingly long, but fortunately for us English speakers we just call him 'Grandpa Danger'. This 3DS game is apparently about him and a thousand friends. Surprise, Don-chan is one of them!

A VIP friend, no less. Namco knows how to treat their licenses well!

Check out what else Namco is hawking at the World Hobby Fair here on their website

The event will be held in three different prefectures:
-Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, on January 26 and 27
-Yahoo! JAPAN Dome in Fukuoka, on February 3
-Osaka Dome on February 10

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