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Friday, October 13, 2017

First Video: Tenkaichi Otogesai 4 Cross-inclusions

Kicking off at select AOU participating stores is the fourth Tenkaichi Otogesai collab-tourney with the addition of the cross-inclusion songs. Spoilers: all three are harder than Sacred Ruin, that's for sure.

Gameplay videos from today's crossovers in the other two freshly-updated music series are also supplied!

極圏 Kyokuken (5/7/7/10, 944 notes on Oni)
And this is our easiest pick of the day, oh man. Speed and stamina is the major element of frustration here, but otherwise the notechart is sticking at an asymptote under the piano streams: the streams may be long and fast but the patterns are largely regular enough for processing, with dashes of 24th kat-crunches at the middle and near the end.

Groove Coaster

怒槌 Ikazuchi (5/7/8/10, 1194 notes on Oni)
Another speed demon. While luckily the first 850+ notes stayed in only 16th separation, but the complex long streams in succession would have drained your stamina significantly before the final gauntlet including 32th and mixed measures.

Groove Coaster

Scarlet Lance (5/7/8/10, 1000 notes on Oni)
Also speed demon, and worse still this one is also complex. Handswitching across clusters and doubles and mixed-color 24th not unlike the infamous "Ryougen beam" are highlights of the challenge.

Groove Coaster

We end this post with the Groove Coaster and SOUND VOLTEX gameplay of Taiko gaming's Sacred Ruin, in order to close the circle (link and link). This is also the portion where we inform you that CHUNITHM is getting its own crossover-y action on a later date, sometime during the first week of November. Rest assured that a Sonority Scouts about that round isn't too far from said release day, either!

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