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Friday, August 4, 2017

Twitter Snippets (August 4 2017): Snarky Granny Intrudes (further)

Now that the previously-exclusive Sukatto Bachan no Uta will be seeing general Japan-wide inclusion soon, the special Yellow ver. cabinets at Odaiba Minna no Yume-tairiku 2017 event needs something else for the collaboration with Tsukai TV Sukatto Japan. So that's why starting tomorrow (August 5 2017) those cabinets will be adding the exclusive Sukatto Janken that is used in the small rock-paper-scissors segment in the show.

In addition, if you are of high-caliber Taiko no Tatsujin skills, you can be eternally (read: until the event ends) celebrated on the whiteboard leaderboards for everyone with the event's day-ticket to see.

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