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Monday, August 7, 2017

[SITE] - Title Fix Notice: Taiko Time 7th Anniversary Edition

As the 7th Anniversary celebrations continue, it is also high time for us to right what was wrong, like egregriously-put title romanizations. And if you remember, we should also be concluding the ruse that is The Great Big Taiko Time Title Fix Feud.

Of course, our policy should be to aim for no title fixing is required, but to err is human and we are more than ready to admit fault. If you find more inconsistent or strange romanization that we have put forth, bring it out for us to discuss and fix!

三瀬川乱舞 Sanzegawa Ranbu → Mitsusegawa Ranbu
Before we have the whole song it was tough to figure out which of two possible readings should be the intended one. Our initial wishful thinking was for the theme to be a nothing-special but heated festival in the rural areas of Yamaguchi prefecture. But nope, it has to be the river that separates the world of living and the underworld. It was uttered in the second chorus (just beyond the preview) among all the burning-in-hell imagery but still.

 桜花爛漫 Ooka Ranman → Ouka Ranman
We have mostly fixed this already but it deserves a mention. Japanese dictionaries and reference books (in our research, this means "as aggregated by Weblio") almost unanimously put the pronunciation in kanas as おうか ouka instead of おおか ooka. Even to us foreign ears that is next to no difference, we will respect the linguistic authority here.

 てんびん座急行 夜を行く Ten Bin-za Kyuko Yoru o Iku →Tenbinza Kyuukou Yoru o Iku
In this installment of "Blame Google Translate", we... blame Google Translate (duh) for breaking "Tenbinza" (meaning Libra, the constellation/zodiac) up with no apparent reason. the rest is just long-vowel consistency upkeep as previously settled.

カゲロウデイズ Kagerou Days → Kagerou Daze
In addition to the many official Japanese media and merch releases having that romanization, and implying actual dazing in the song's lyrics and themes, just look at the translated mangas using Kagerou Daze: デイズ by itself is still predominantly put to English as "days", so why would the localization team put the minority "daze" if it is not officially intended? *drops mic*

ドン・エンガスの笛吹き Don Engasu no Fue Fuki → Dun Aonghasa no Fue Fuki
Now that there is an alleged fourth song in the YMY RPG Series, keeping "Don Engasu" has really become an awful minority. Plus that romanization really isn't helping to convey the correct pronunciation of "Dun Engus".

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