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Sunday, June 4, 2017

[SITE] - June 2017 Housekeeping Plans

It's again that time of the year for us (...well... one of the two instances); as the Summer tide is approaching, we're putting an heavier focus on blog content maintenance, as well as announcing some projects to be released in the near future.

Here's what we got hold for this time:
  • Our primary focus will be on controlling the modern Taiko arcade pages, primarily updating the links leading to removed song gameplay videos due to either videos getting or major events, including unfortunate cases of channel removals due to real-life issues. On this course of action, we're also updating all the pages that are related to the most recent software updates such as Unlocks, Rewards Shop and Dojo Ranking for Taiko Yellow Version.
  • As a reminder, this month will also see the publishing of the last lyrics translations that are related to our Lyrics Request Poll format on Twitter. While we're forced to shut down the poll-voting method due to heavier real-life commitments, that doesn't mean we won't be doing them at all afterwards! Feel free to punch in your requests to us through one of our usual contact methods.
  • We've almost done the making of new song series showcase features! Two Namco Original-rooted series, no less. (Perhaps some other feature is in the air, too?)
On top of these three main topics, it's time to officially announce an additional media-related method to chat, not only with us of the Taiko Time staff but also other Taiko enthusiasts as well...

Taiko Time is on Discord! (...kinda)

While we've not opened a dedicated server on the emerging gaming-related VoIP brand, we're inviting you to join a Taiko no Tatsujin-related group where getting in touch with other English-reading Taiko players is made easier than before! We also got our own channel is said group (#taikotime_updates) where either ngitrox or me will be forwarding the links to our latest posts here on Taiko Time.

This Taiko-themed channel can be joined on the address http://discord.me/taiko. For the time being, we've also put this link in our Links main bar on the left, simply labeled as Taiko no Tatsujin (Discord). Be it for simple lurking, chit-chatting with other Taiko fans or random shitposting like for myself, feel free to barge in!


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