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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (1 June 2017) - Spring-to-Summer '17 Rewards Shop Changes

Shortest recap ever: today the Don Medal Rewards Shop's lineup has been changed, in line with what has been announced two weeks ago (link), with the Katsu Medal Rewards Shop receiving a 2-parter update between yesterday and today.

Since May 31st, the newcomer Namco Original 8OROCHI became a purchasable item together with Ramen de Yo-Men!! and the previously-limited Petit Chara Yoga-Don (ヨガドン), while today the permanent Rewards Shop has received all the Spring '17 Don Medal Rewards Shop items (songs, outfit parts and Taiko sound); if you play with the Japanese arcade line of Taiko gaming, here's another way to fetch the content you may have missed.

Tune back soon for what the first DM Rewards Shop renewal is bringing up to the table!

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