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Friday, March 17, 2017

Taiko Team's *actual* Yellow-est Stream Session (14/3/17)

Contrary to the usual course of events, this pre-new-arcade-version broadcast from the Taiko Team's franchise news scoop is on the feather-weight league of magnitude, mostly due to the fact that we've already had another arcade-focused livestream last month on nearly the same topics... It's then more reassuring for us to know that what was lacked in coverage awe was doubled in in the cheesy department with all sorts of shenanigans!

This has also been one of those times where the Taiko Team has been more quick than us for the broadcast recap action, as Daifuku already made an image-based summary on the official blog (from which we've picked some snaps, too), so it's only fair play from our part to open our feature with a fresh picture of the experienced Taiko mascot!

Coming to the livestream in itself, we've witnessed the return of the test portion, as the Team tested the equipment and the room's lighting while also interacting with the earliest viewers of the show. Even Yuji Masubuchi showed up, of all people!

The pre-livestream part was also the perfect time to spotlight the full Comments Challenge table, with all goals being met throughout the viewing.

No typos nor missing planets are in check this time, worry do not!

As usual, being the less serious part of the show means that the live polls can be less formal as well... So why don't ask the audience what to eat after the run as a Midnight snack? On this occasion, mustard-based treats took the lead.

In the real portion of the livestream, we're greeted, once again, with more iDOLM@STER-related collaborative effort, this time starring permanent additions to the Cinderella Girls and Starlight Stage apps.

アイドルマスター×太鼓の達人 コラボ情報

For what concerns the former, Cinderella Girls is having a triple treat with the inclusion of the Dondoko Paradise minigame mode, a promo card of Mika Jougasaki (unlockable with said minigame) and Taiko-themed Happi coats to be purchasable in-game (hi-res picture here).

Starlight Stage, on the other hand, being already a mobile music game per-se has got some customization elements (in form of room items and in-game skins) as well as a playable group cover of Angel Dream, coming as a permanent song!

Below is also a video of how the song is performed by an idol trio in-game! Too bad that the full basic version of Angel Dream didn't make it to be fully featured, though...

Anne also showed up with the promo poster of the album that is going to have the Angel Dream idol group cover (and related solo variations), together with its release date.


After that, here's the last bit of information you'll ever hear about Red Version in a livestream! With the firmware closing down, a celebratory video has been made for all players who managed to pass ranks from Juudan upwards. As this video contains the data recorded up to February 28th, expect an updated rundown of the last 3 week in the coming days.

In the meantime, let's celebrate those brave players!


With all the original tunes-related portion being already done during last month's livestream, the Yellow Version corner has mostly re-iterated what was already known in the Day 1 song department. If you're up for the challenge, however, let it be known that a certain boss song from V Version is now available as a quite-pricey item in the newly-opened Katsu Medal Rewards Shop...

太鼓の達人 イエローVer. 最新情報 

On the "new song reveals" side, however, we've only had the teaser for the licensed track Koi (恋) (of TV drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu fame) to be coming in one of Yellow Version's first software updates.

Building up from there, the arcade news front was ended by the anticipated 'Name the New Song' portion, starring the newcoming Butou series song that has been the subject of the Notecharter Sentai Collaboration.


As you can see from the poll results below, the name of Ooka Ranman (桜花爛漫) has won by a landslide in both voting rounds, so Spring-themed Butou name it is!

Now as soon as no one is trying to steal Spring again we should be fine

We also have a full-play preview of the new song!

After a break, the Team is back to randomly select 7 lucky winners among the viewers who will receive one of the leftover mini-albums from the last JAEPO editions, which -again- is actually the AkeOme+SotsuOme album from a few years ago. These 7 copies will also bear some autographs and doodles from the Taiko Team hosts!


We've also had a poll for the free title to be given out to all Banapassport-holding Taiko players with (Real) inside parenthesis taking the cake...

(For reals)

And now, ... after months worth of teasing, ... here it is.

NAMCO SOUNDS's two musical private eyes of choice are cracking down their hardest case yet, as the 4th Audio Deka episode makes them face a quite mischievous fella who has been notorious for lurking around the Taiko series for the longest time... As usual, images alone can't do justice to the cheese degrees, so please have a watch at the full deal (complete with the previously-distributed preview) in the video below.

Right after the episode's end, the Professor Marvy joined the Taiko mascots right in time to steal some of the rumored mustard snacks before disappearing again!

With Masubuchi leaving, there's yet another guy popping up, looking for a challenge...

The sheer amount of comments from the Nicovideo audience has led the Team no choice but to stuff a guy inside a cost-invite the real Tatsu-Don to show some of his skills on the latest arcade entry of the series! Thanks to another Taiko fan on Youtube, we also got the video footage of this peculiar live performance.

That's pretty much it about this livestream. See you next time!



...okay, fine. Have a new Chaos Time dance:

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