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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (March 30 2017): Did You Know Your Tubes?

In a bite-sized feature for today, Etou's deputy lets you know (or rather, reminds you) that the Taiko Team has been gradually releasing Namco Original song previews on YouTube.

Avid Namco Taiko Blog and/or Taiko Time followers will know that this trend started with the short-version previews of Gasshou Stabofe! and DokuLO CANdy around their debut update. The next step was to go full version since Sotsu Omeshiki Full and Yellow ver. arcade debuts, with a full-blown playlist no less.

It is kinda pointless for the Team to be officially talking about these videos and the playlist and then to immediately kill it off, so stay tuned to more Namco Original songs released this way in the future!

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