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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (2 March 2017) - Want to Hear More? Notecharter Interview 12

Just two weeks have passed since the last Notecharter Interview segment, but apparently it's already time for a new one! Today's guest is newcomer notecharting member SueP (すえP).

Joined Taiko Team: January 2015 (with Taiko V Version)
Number of charts made: about 20
Skill level: Cleared Sorairo Version's Nanadan Dojo Ranking trial in a fluke; nowadays able to clear most of the 10-star Oni songs

As already anticipated in the really-generic introduction that was made for the Notecharter Sentai collaboration project (link), SueP is -first and foremost- one of the notecharters for Synchronica, Bandai Namco's touchscreen music game arcade series. Having started by studying Taiko notecharts of the past for the job at Synchronica, it has been heartwarming for SueP herself to be part of the Taiko Team from time to time for several charting commissions as a side job!

Notechart Speciality
-Bigger tendency to create technical notecharts for a fast-play experience
-Due to the strength of the sound in many songs, big notes are often mixed within sections of small ones
-Doesn't care for special combo values nor unreasonable note placement adjustments

Notechart Production Mottos
SueP's mission when charting a song is to create a pattern set that gives out a really pleasant feeling to hear the song while playing it; as such, she aims to reach what has been dubbed by SueP herself a "Singing Score", a notechart set that feels in harmony with its related song at the point of players remembering the track just by playing one of the song's modes in their mind. SueP also adopts the same approach for her Synchronica charts, as both of Bandai Namco's music game franchises do echo in her mind at the same time for an unique style that can fit for both series in a more general sense.

Sample Notecharts Created
Unless otherwise mentioned, all of these comments will be about the songs's Oni mode.

-) Lost One no Goukoku (ロストワンの号哭)
SueP's first commissioned task was materialized in form of a frantic cluster-based song, as the track itself gave a constant feeling of running away to its charter. While learning the bases of Taiko notecharting together with resident Taiko Team member Kuboken, she is still impressed to this day by the long list of sectorial language-related specific terms she learned while learning an unique charting style for the long-running Taiko franchise!

-) Streaming Heart (ストリーミングハート)
Although the song itself features portion that made SueP worry for their notechart translation, she enjoyed the charting process for this song from the beginning to the very last note, especially for the sense of musicality that the more-dense Katsu segment turned out to be in the end.

-) Let’s Kouken! ~Koi no Choueki ha 1,000,000-Nen~ (Let's貢献!~恋の懲役は1,000,000年~)
This is one of the songs in Taiko that is able to give an earworm-y feeling while hearing it multiple times, and that's what enticed SueP to the point of charting an Ura Oni for the Freedom Wars track as well! While the regular Oni is a more intuitive translation to a base Taiko accompaniment couple with SueP's 'Nori' (ノリ) concept (= materializing a song's rhythm and vocals in Taiko notechart form), the Ura chart was more grounded to the instrumental background rhythm of the track itself.

-) Charlie Dash! (チャーリー ダッシュ!)
The weird sounding of this Classic arrangement made SueP timidly ask to chart this one, in order to see if she could port her usual charting style to a more frantic and irregular song. The final result is still considered among the Taiko Team members to be the embodiment of rage... in chart form!

-) Seisou Bakuretsu Boy (聖槍爆裂ボーイ)
Yet another V Version Vocaloid debut was handled in a more reliable way, as the more intuitive rhythm of the song made it for a safe Taiko notechart translation. Part of the song's Ura Oni was inspired by both the solo improv portion and a similar notecharting portion featured in the Ura Oni of another Vocaloid song made by the same composer...

-) Synchronicity
With SueP being one of the most relevant Synchronica charters, it's only easy to assume that the same figure would have wanted to put a claim on the Taiko charting task of most of the Synchronica-transplanted tracks! For the signboard song of the touch-based music game, yet another relaying-feel chart was made possible thanks to the sporadic inclusion of 1/24 clusters.

-) Canon (Synchronica Remix) (カノン (シンクロニカ Remix))
Another quite popular song on Synchronica, SueP was personally glad for being able to express the Nori concept the most in both iterations of the song in the two different game franchises, especially for the Taiko port's Go-Go Time section.

-) Surf Zapping
Finally, we come to know that the latest 10* Oni treat for the portable Taiko gaming scene was SueP's latest published work! The inclusion of t+pazolite's original Synchronica song to Taiko was also the reason of why the Taiko Team members wanted to pull out a 2nd blog entry for today as another way to advertise Dokodon! Mystery Adventure's latest DLC content, but as we already covered that last week (and yesterday!) we'll just leave here the link to its original blog entry instead.

Among other commissions fulfilled by SueP, we also have the following songs:

Digital Mole
Muteki no Girlfriend
Believe in yourself
Blood Rage
Tales of Zesteria Medley
Kokushin Chronicle

As a way to close this notecharter interview, SueP invites the blog's readers to take a look at an interview that she supplied last year for the Synchronica notecharts (link). It's also the place from where we have fetched the SueP avatar icon from the top of this very blog entry!

While the Taiko Team is figuring out which notecharter to feature next time, look forward to the coming Thursday's Taiko Team blog entry! It's the last one (for the regular schedule) to appear before the next Taiko Team livestream, after all.

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