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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. V1.07 Songs

Yellow Version's first update is already out! Here are the two new featured songs.

 Koi (恋) (2(S)/3/3/6; 332 notes on Oni)
The license song that was revealed during the past livestream is finally here, ultimately faring as an averagely-difficult 6* Oni chart with lots of places to rest before the more busy Go-Go Time portion.

  Koi (恋) (2P 1* Ura Oni with 81/96 notes)
Etou mentioned the coming of new Sou-Uchi modes for the arcade last week, starting with this very song...and sure enough, here it is! Overall it's an entry-level kind of deal for this gameplay variation, when compared to 2P Ura charts like Dance My Generation that were born specifically for this course of action. Of course the original ending is not found easily all open, but search for "恋ダンス" for other imitations.

And yes, we've finally come in a day and age where a non-joke 1-star Ura Oni actually exists. Weird, isn't it?

 Yokuoso Japari Park e (ようこそジャパリパークへ) (2/2/4/7; 449 notes on Oni)
The other new licensed pick for the day also slightly fares on a slightly-different route than usual, as the typical charting schemes of 7* Oni songs for the genre have been given a little bit more clusters than usual to play with, coupled with some Go-Go Time hand-switching portions for good measure.

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