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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Behind the Drums: Shika@ni~San

Another of the 3rd-generation Taiko Team notecharters, the nicknamed Shika@ni~San (しか@に~さん) (pictured in the right corner of the top image) has joined the ranks sometime during the development of Kimidori Version, with its arcade role stepping up from Murasaki Version onward as the course curator of arcade-exclusive features such as the Don Challenge missions, the Dojo Ranking and Taiko School modes. Born in 1957 on June 30th (the day after Taiko Team leader Etou's!), he's notorious among the other Notecharter Sentai members for his huge appreciation towards cats, which also lead to the inclusion of Ms. Cat and Mr. Ladle as the Taiko School assistants.

Being an average 10-star Oni clearer himself, Shika@ni~San's charting approach was mostly based on a difficult degree that he himself could tackle, with a preference to scrolling speed modifications and short hit-balloons. Upon receiving some criticism for his initial charting job on Namco Original track Shiuryu, he started to follow the indications of other team members (such as Etou) to make it so that his future works wouldn't be harder for players to enjoy the base song and to reach the Norma clear due to charting gimmicks. That sentiment was also the basis for one of his charting mottos, "self-weighted challenge to be self-weighted", as a personal pointer to deliver a set of modes that can make the players enjoy both the base song and its charts in equal parts. As of his Notecharter Interview post, Shika@ni~San has charted more than 50 songs so far, starting with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Family Party.

  • Family Party (ファミリーパーティー)
  • Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari (本日ハ晴天ナリ)
  • Love Song wa Tomaranai Yo (ラブソングはとまらないよ)
  • Highschool♡love
  • Himawari no Yakusoku (ひまわりの約束)
  • I my moko
  • Soup
  • Imagination (イマジネーション)
  • Cerulean (セルリアン)
  • Daydream café
  • Rising Hope
  • OLA!!
  • talking
  • Ichido Dake Koi Nara (一度だけの恋なら)
  •  Ichido Dake Koi Nara (一度だけの恋なら)
  • Try Everything (トライ・エヴリシング)
  • Doctor X no Theme (ドクターXのテーマ)
  • Endless Seeker - co-charter with Marimo Institute (まりも研究所)
  • Donut Hole (ドーナツホール)
  • Nameko no Uta (なめこのうた)
  •  Nameko no Uta (なめこのうた)
  • Utsukushiku Sewashiki Danube (美しく忙しきドナウ)
  •  Utsukushiku Sewashiki Danube (美しく忙しきドナウ)
Game Music
  • Garakuta Doll Play
  •  Garakuta Doll Play
  • Scars of FAUNA
  • Sengoku BASARA BGM Medley (戦国BASARA BGMメドレー)
  • Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ (華蕾夢ミル狂詩曲~魂ノ導~)
Namco Original
  • Yami no Mahou Shoujo (闇の魔法少女)
  • Chouren ~Obsession~(蝶戀 ~Obsession~)
  • Karyu (夏竜 ~Karyu~)
  • Shiuryu (秋竜 ~Shiuryu~)
  • Zetsubo e no Toccata (絶望へのトッカータ)
  • Maigo no UFO (迷子のUFO)
  • Kagutsuchi (カグツチ)
  •  Donko's First Date (どん子のファーストデート)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, this guy mapped donut hole... Explains why the FC seems to be much harder than the clear with that ddk ddk ddk ddk part. Even Garakuta Doll Play is another map where comparing the clear to the FC is like comparing little league and MLB