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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Little Red Biting Drum (2/2/17)

At last, here's our usual image-based report about the first Taiko Team livestream session of 2017! Despite its shorter length, it still holds the same magnitude of news delivery and zaniness from the hosts, so venture after the jump in order to have a better taste of it.

Coming from the Team's Twitter account, the top picture we used above already features that element we talked about in our latest random-labeled post: the demonic Katsu-with-teeth alter ego is back from the Japanese drama grounds to scare up the fun ... while aiming towards everyone's jugular!


The true special guest of the day already showed its head within the first minutes, as Yellow Version's cabinet art is up for everyone to see! Despite the Team's many attempts to capture the best Nintendo Switch finger-snap impression, however, this livestream has been more decisively about the arcade side of the series.

Before venturing on new song content, however, we go back to the Red Version-related content, starting with the ongoing iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls event.

Nothing new has been said about the collaboration per-se, outside from the teaser below that is hinting to more content reveals about the event in the near future.

Next is the Red Version Dojo Ranking corner which, unlike the previous advertisement lead to, was all about the main trials without the newly-added Gaiden courses.

Once again, our picture quality for these graphs isn't the best one, but hopefully we'll get better-resolution snaps when the Team will make a full recap on their own. But hey, at least we now know that more than 50 people have cleared the dreadful Tatsujin rank (with 5 Gold clears among those, too)!

As usual, the new firmware's version of the Dojo Ranking trials won't be up at launch, but expect it coming sometime around its 2nd month of release.

Finally, we then venture into Yellow Version territory, featuring the first batch of song reveals between acquired licenses and new Originals, all slated for the firmware's launch day. As suggested by one of our readers in the most recent Quick Takeaways post, we'll be using the official English translation of the Splatoon song Shiokara-bushi on the site, which is 'Calamari Inkantation'.


While you're at it, have also a look at the promotional Splatoon outfit that is unlockable for Banapassport players by playing its related song once! We also redirect you once more to the Youtube previews of the brand-new Namco Original inclusions.

After that, we're served with the promised visual tutorial to Yellow Version's new reward systems' overhaul. While we've already seen this topic in one of the latest blog entries, we'll give you the skinny in picture form of what the fuzz is all about.

Here is the new seasonal Rewards Gacha, which can be visited before an arcade play!

This RS uses the Don Medal currency, starting with Yellow Version's Spring shop outlet.

The Donder Hiroba will still have some shops, but they'll require Katsu Medals instead!

Further below, we can find are a couple of screenshots showing how the season-based Rewards shop will look like, divided in two sections for its items. It's possible to try out the available outfit parts before purchasing them (as well as star ratings/preview clip of the unlockable songs), and a tick will show up right next to the items that have already been purchased.


Closing the section is a reminder to the special titles that are given out to players for using the current Rewards Shop system before its closure. Buy one item for the rainbow-background title, or buy all items for the gold-plated one!

Right after that, we are greeted with the also-promised JAEPO talk, but as the Team has released a blog entry about this portion the day after the broadcast, we can just redirect you to our previously-written coverage about said blog entry and calling it a day. Hooray for cutting corners!

The last stretch of the broadcast has been about other miscellaneous content that either is already out or it's already available for everyone to enjoy! For the latter category we find the Asian-exclusive LINE Taiko stickers, which do come with their own sound effects when tapped.

While it's not time for another large-scale arcade tourneys, the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park will hold another 3D Taiko Projection tournament on May, with the 4 best players winning an autographed plate like the one below.


The last topic of discussion has been the reveal of a new round of Taiko x Touhou Project merchandise, with the phone straps below being the first revealed items. I myself can already picture the most avid fans of both series forming lines in incoming selected conventions, trying to nab some of these by yelling the most soothing of exclamations, like...

"Bitch, get out of the way!"

Closing the whole run was another show of craziness with the Taiko Team's hosts having another Chaos Time, now enhanced by the aforementioned Taiko LINE stickers's sound bits. See you in a longer, future livestream, folks!

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