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Monday, February 6, 2017

Behind the Drums: Gai Shinoda @ Harunaba

Coming from Yokohama, Japan, Harunaba is an independent musician whose career was built upon his high school experiences as part of a band of hard rock and metal music. While being the owner of his own doujin music circle (Harunaba_Home), he's often involved in other music circles from time to time, such as t+pazolite's C.H.S. Outside from his real name -which is Gai Shinoda (篠田凱)- and his birth day of January 18th, nothing else is known about his experiences before the independent music-making occupation.

Harunaba's popularity in the general Japanese music games grounds was sprung by a series of song-making contests that he managed to succeed on; while Taiko no Tastsujin players began to hear about the artist from his CreoFUGA song-winning contests for then being charged of actual commissioned songs for the series, a similar-but-bigger situation has occurred for his songs in contests made for bemani games, claiming some of his early winning tracks for the pop'n music and SOUND VOLTEX series to be the perfect representation of his music-composing style between rock and fantasy elements. Harunaba is also renowned on social media for being a huge fan of Konami's HinaBitter♪ project.


  • Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi (花オト裏拍子)
  • Kohi no Aji to (珈琲の味と)
  • Karamari no Hana (カラ鞠の花)
  • Ghost Mask (ゴーストマスク)
Namco Original
  • Tabaneito (束ね糸)
Other Music Games

pop'n music
  • Katate Dokusho (カタテ読書)
  • Jouro Hime ga Sekai Seifuku (如雨露姫が世界征服)
  • Kanashibari no Ao wo (金縛りの逢を)
  • Retrospectively・Merry-Go-Round (レトロスペクティビリー・メリーゴーランド)
  • U.N. Owen wa Kanojona no Ka? haru naba Remix (U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?haru_naba Remix)
  • Candy Colored Hearts
  • Ok!! Hug Me
  • Murasaki Guruma (ムラサキグルマ)
  • ~Kohitsuji no Navarin Cliche wo Soete~ (~仔羊のナヴァラン・クリシェを添えて~)
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