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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sympho-Neighbours - Festive Musical Chimes

This Christmas we're celebrating quite the milestone for the Sympho-Neighbours family of features, as this is our very first sequel to a former SN article.

Last year, we've already seen that the major December celebration has been brought up several times in rhythm gaming, but for this year we're also taking a quick look to other times of the year that have been deemed good enough to be celebrated in rhythm gaming form!

Once again, this one will mostly be a Bemani-oriented segment, as for our more Xmas-related peak we're up to talk about pop'n music again!

Together with the couple of tracks we've covered last year, the series' 21st installment (pop'n music sunny park) has made its December launch video starring a pre-Christmas song as one of the new default additions, under the title of Itazura na Tenshi to☆Christmas Eve (いたずらな天使と☆Christmas Eve, lit. "Naughty Angel and Christmas Eve"). Composed and sung respectively by the duo of Hiroaki Sano (佐野宏晃) and Megumi Tatsumi (達見恵), even the December celebrations are a moment for the most unlikely of couples to enjoy together!

For a proper, more traditional Christmas-y rendition of holiday classics, we have the ex-ZUNTATA member Hirokazu 'COSIO' Koshio (小塩広和) with a trance remix of the iconic Jingle Bells, made for the most festive of Groove Coaster players in both the mobile and arcade fronts.

Jumping back to the lovers theme, it appears that the now-rebranded GITADORA series has made some tracks about Valentine's Day! One of the latest ones is titled Dokidoki Valentine (どきドキ バレンタイン), where the album art's Himapun Sisters and GITADORA mascot OTOBEAR's voice actors have been in charge of the song's composition and singing.

The video above spotlights the Bass EXTREME charts, while the MASTER charts for the other instruments are available in the links below:

Guitar chart
Drum chart

Back in the day, however, when the series was still known as the separate-entity naming of GUITARFREAKSs&drummania, there has also been a full-instrumental track whose name and theme model was none other than the Easter celebrations!

Composed by the unit known as THE SURF COASTERS, Happy Easter! is one of the series's console-exclusive tunes that was featured in the 2nd combined console release for PlayStation 2 (GF4 & dm3), with the Drum chart above and the Guitar one linked below these lines:

Guitar chart

For a quite-fitting closure to this feature, here's a peculiar song who is focused on the other worldwide-shared peculiar moment of December: the New Year celebrations! This track's spoof genre grouping is also quite the pointer, as OH-MISOKA is referencing Ōmisoka (大晦日), the Japanese term used for the last day of the year.

Coming back to pop'n music grounds, Sayonara Konnichiha (さようならこんにちは, lit. 'Goodbye Hello') primes itself to be the perfect music game track to prepare its listeners for a proper welcome to the incoming year, no matter how many personal highs and low there have been in the soon-to-be-ended one. This track from pop'n music 12 Iroha was composed by recurrent freelance composer Tsugumi Kataoka (片岡嗣実), with 8 other people among the many in-house Bemani artists to sing for the coral parts, such as wac, MAKI and good-cool among others!

Before we can properly reach the end of the year, however, we would like to give out our best wishes to our fellow readers for a wonderful Christmas! Let the festive mood shine the best of everyone towards the end of 2016.

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