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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (13 December 2016) - Nostalgia Without Gravity: Red ver. Version Update (V6.08)


The promised collaboration talk is not the only hot topic to talk about today, as Etou is here to talk about Red Version's very last update of 2016! Let's take a look at what's inside.

New Songs: December 20th
 Famicom Medley (ファミコンメドレー) NEW!
          Balloon Fight / Dr. Mario / Excitebike
 No Gravity NEW!

A couple of new tracks are coming on December 20th, which -as you might guess- happens to be the update day to Game Version V6.08.

For the first track, Etou has left quite the expansive paragraph of his experiences with Excitebike between his childhood and the 3D Classics remake of the title for the Nintendo 3DS, but we'll forward you to the official blog entry to hear more about it, as he's basically explaining how the game is played. The only hints about Excitebike in this Taiko-crafted medley is that it -might- be mainly focused on the course editor BGM (as it's Etou's favorite part of the game), with the aim that both that portion and the notecharts may leave to players the same impression that Excitebike players feel when driving with the urgency of keeping their motorbike's temperature cooled off to prevent overheating.

The newcomer Namco Original is instead a brand new full-instrumental track, whose preview clip was also left on Bandai Namco's Youtube channel! Too bad that the author of the song wasn't revealed...

Limited Songs Reminder

Not necessarily a new thing, but just another advice to play Gekkabijin and Jingle Bells No.765 on Red Version while you can during the remainder of this month.

New Dojo Ranking Gaiden Courses and Limited Course Removal

With Game Version V6.08, three new default Gaiden trials will be added, for which a brief description is supplied together with blurried snapshots:

-) Challenge! Namco Original (挑戦!ナムコオリジナル )
A middle-step between the Shodan and Ikkyu regular trials, the aim for this course is to make a more transition-feeling course with an effective passage from Muzukashii to Oni charts in the Dojo Ranking mode, while still being a not-that-troublesome challenge to overcome in reguards to the clearing criteria.


-) Challenge from the Taiko Team!  (太鼓チームからの挑戦! )
Comparable to the regular Nanadan course for difficulty means, this one might as well be dubbed as the 'Bandai Namco Gaiden' trial, as all the featured tracks are from BN-related game music series.


-) Challenge from the Taiko Team!  (太鼓チームからの挑戦! )
A 10-errors-or-less challenge with two Ura Oni modes and a regular Oni chart awaits players who are already feeling confident into clearing the regular Juudan-and-upper courses! For the actual song contents of this trial, however, you'll have to wait for the actual update day.


As also advertised during the first Gaiden-related update announcement, the limited-play Challenge from the Taiko Team! and Resurrection! Katsu-Don Taishou courses won't be playable anymore after the update kicks in.

Winter Title Parts Gacha Renewal


Last but not least, the Winter-limited seasonal title parts gacha will return from December 19th with some new title parts, so that players will have their playing schedule busy from the day before the update. See you in 7 days for Game Version V6.08's release!

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