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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

First Video: Red Ver. V6.08 New Songs

*Today's First Video post is brought you by what the Christmas Rare Egg Machine has brought to me with the Rank 50 free roll*

 Watari-dori (ワタリドリ) (3/4/6/9; 491 notes on Oni)
The quickly-emerging Alexandros manages to receive yet another non-cover song on Taiko before the end of the year, with a 9-star Oni mode which is filled to the brim with various 1/24 cluster formation for an upbeat challenge a-la Sugar Song to Bitter Step

 Hanamaru-biyori! (花丸◎日和!) (3/5/7/8; 512 notes on Oni)
Sporting more notes for a less-difficult Oni mode rating is the opening theme for the Anime series based on the semi-eponymous browser game, featuring a more lively mixture of 1/24 clusters with more mono-colored ones along the way.

 Hikari Are (ヒカリアレ) (3/5/6/9; 639 notes on Oni)
We've already heard about more Haikyuu content getting a future release in Taiko no Tatsujin, and now the wait is over! Much like Imagination before it, this song's Oni doesn't shy from scrolling speed enhancers trickery while putting a more heavy focus on intricate cluster sections for the remainder of the track.

 Pen-Pinapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) (ペンパイナッポーアッポーペン(PPAP)) (2/4/4/7; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 156 notes on Oni)
The international memes are strong with Taiko gaming once again as well as the quite-recent obsession with really short playable songs, with Pikotaro's popular track lasting no more than 3/4 of a minute! Regardless of that, its Taiko notecharts love to play more with scrolling speed modification rather than going for the "song with a lots of notes" route.

 Pokemon Sun & Moon Medley (「ポケットモンスター サン・ムーン」メドレー) (2/4/6/8; 511 notes on Oni)
If you've always wanted to have both the wild Pokemon Battle and Trainer Battle theme in the same Taiko-playable medley for the latest couple of games for the series, boy if it's your lucky day! Shying away from the brutal difficulty standards set by the last two game-related Pokemon tracks, this medley is here for another challenge where 1/24 clusters are the majority.

 Famicom Medley (ファミコンメドレー) (4/6/7/9; 690 notes on Oni)
Predictably enough, the returning BGM portions from Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario in this medley feature the same notechart fragments from the Wii U1-exclusive, fully-charted tunes (see here and here). The Excitebike part, on the other hand, ... is a literal race to the finish with a notechart mostly built behind a music-less gameplay of said game, complete with many bike crashes!

 No Gravity (4/6/7/10; 674 notes on Oni)
Closing the circle for today is the latest 10-star Oni Namco Original that is trying to give Suuhaa 2000 and Kokorobo a run for their money, as this is yet another max-difficulty song with less than 700 notes. This means that the clearing criteria is more strict than other songs with more notes of the same difficulty range, which for the song's latter half is sure to throw some curve balls between scrolling changes, different clusters time signatures and note streams!

As usual, we'll update all the pages related to today's new additions (including the Dojo Ranking Gaiden one) in the near future. Until then, see you for this Thursday's blog entry!

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