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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Drumroll Me Up When September Ends (30/09/16)

How is that the Taiko Team after-livestream Twitter snapshots like the one above look so hectic? What grueling events have made the Taiko girls and Etou feel so tired?!? The answers to these questions (and more) lie in our usual broadcast recap, for the pleasure of our English-speaking audience.

Lady luck shines upon us once again, as some keen Taiko fan has uploaded the whole broadcast on Youtube! While our digressed version is still appearing below these lines, the video down there is for those who want to see the over-4-hour broadcast for themselves, complete with video-related pieces that mere screenshots alone can't do justice for. (We'll still warn you when the major video cues are coming, don't worry!)

This livestream's pre-broadcast portion has been filled with random silliness from the Team and the viewers once again, with activities ranging from answering to some of the #QuestionsToTaikoTeam inquiries from Twitter and up to funny name suggestions for the next Taiko arcade version.

For this run, the discontinued Comments Challenge has made its grand comeback, with the audience breaching through all four milestones. The list has been made visible both in the pre-livestream and the 'real' portions, but there's something quite different from the two pictures...


If you've spotted the difference, then let me just say that IT IS EXTRAORDINARY

After about an hour in, we hit break time with a slightly-tense trailer for an upcoming episode of Audio Deka, which also ran later on for the 2nd break portion. If you want to see it by yourself life, jump to this point of the video we linked at the top of this feature!

For the incoming Season 4, it appears we have quite the mischievous villain to deal with, as the mixer known as LINDA-EQ is bound to unleash earthquakes all around the world through his audio waves alteration skills! (Now, I'm sure I've heard that name before...)


It's also nice for once that we got a movie-styled credits roll for this teaser, with Yano Yoshito taking most of the credit (as expected) together with... 'Someone'?

What, was Alan Smithee not available for this one?

When the proper livestream portion begins, we are greeted with Takemoto and Anne showcasing some of the most recent Taiko-related merchandise they have at a hand's reach on their desk, also starring the promo coaster for the Asobi Motto campaign we also talked about before.


Right after that was the Taiko 3DS3 DLC portion, but since we've been already made aware of the new content right before the broadcast (link), the only new fruitful bit of info we have at hand is the identity of newcomer Namco Original Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi's creators.

A short clip of the song in question was also played, but in a few hours (as of this post's original posting date) we should be able to have video footage of the whole track anyways!

There has also been a reminder to the Game Music Ranking x Tenkaichi Otogesai livestream on Nicovideo that happened the next Monday, but for that one we'll just forward you to our related feature (link) for the full details on that one.

Always in collaboration-related talk, the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise will pay a visit to the Autumn Reitasai that is going to happen on October 16th, so they might as well pack something exclusive for its attenders once again!

To be more specific, every Banapassport holder attending at this Reitasai edition will get a handful of previously-released Touhou customization content automatically unlocked, including an exclusive release of the Reimu Hakurei Petit Chara's blue variant.

Taiko cabinets will also be here to try out Touhou songs, including the limited-returning Cranky remix of Beat Mario's Help me, ERINNNNNN!!


This is also a good time like another to remind public arcade Taiko players of the ongoing Touhou Project campaign and its new unlocks.


Up next was another portion for some Dojo Ranking talk, featuring the partial trial results for Red Version's DR set (as of September 27th). Sadly, these pictures' quality isn't the best, but hopefully the Team will come up with Hi-resolution scans for the time of their own livestream recap!

One big un-advertised feature, however, is the introduction of the so-called Dojo Ranking Side Stories, a new set of trials where fans' feedback is key!

Basically, these are a set of trials whose songs are picked by the Taiko Team while their naming is decided by Taiko fans through a number of special events, such as this very livestream! Each of the trials is classed as a sort of side-quest to the main ones, corresponding to one particular trial each.

As you can see by the two big circles in there, the title for the first Side Quest course had to be decided during the livestream among one of Taiko gaming's notecharters! Ultimately, Dark Attribute took the lead for the course.

The subsequent Red Version corner has greeted us with October 2016's DonChare rewards, starring a chef-themed outfit as a reward. If you play once during said month and purchase the other part in the Rewards Shop, even the worst failures at the stove can stick two pans on their hips and claim themselves to be 3* Michelin chefs! (not really)

For another month in a row we also get a song revival, with the (quite old) Taiko March!

In the 'New Updates' front, it was revealed that the next software update will come with a couple of new songs for everyone to enjoy, with one being notorious from its source game to be a boss track and the latter completely-new creation seemingly joining the ranks of the School Matters series.

Other tweaks included in the next update are a new Red Version Title Parts Gacha campaign and a shorter afternoon closing time for Tokkun Mode, as opposed to what we said in our Quick Takeaways... (sorry for that)


With that, the more serious portion of the broadcast was ended, continuing with the much-anticipated Livestream Fun Time. First in order was the Taiko Team vs Viewers quiz showdown!

The quiz was made of two different portions: the first one was an 'Expert' version of Wii U games' Intro Don mode, where the stream viewers had to guess a Taiko song with a really short audio cue, while the second part had a trio of more trivia-akin questions for the audience.

While we can copy-paste pictures of the static questions down there, if you want to partake in the Intro Don segment, we invite you to click here for the aforementioned Youtube recording's LFT segment. Beware that the first two songs are 1-second-or-less cuts from the actual songs, while the latter couple instead have a long audio cue of the guitar accompaniment only of a random portion of the involved songs.

As for the questions, here they are! The answers are at the bottom of this post.

Q1. Which one of this Don-Chan drawings was made by Taiko Team member Sasaoka?

Q2. Which one of the following pictures of Mr.Turtle was used for White Version's J-Pop folder?

Q3. How many different faces are there available at the notes "don" and "kat" during a song... which is caused by the increasing of combo?

1. 5 patterns of faces
2. 4 patterns of faces
3. 3 patterns of faces
4. 2 patterns of faces

During this peculiar portion, there has also been space for some kind of silliness in-between... including this:

Yup, that's an empty sheet for Etou to drawn his Don-Chan in! The Taiko Team has had 10 seconds to draw his versin, ultimately coming up with...

There also are a couple of trivia facts concerning the twin iDOM@STER MUST SONGS games to learn!

For one, in both games it's possible to hear recurrent im@s clerk Kotori Otonashi humming Majide...!? if certain conditions are fulfilled in either one of the titles. Plus, if you play the im@s Shiny Festa song Visionary backwards (like, say, in the games' Lesson Room), you'll be able to hear the phrase 'Idolm@ster Daisuki!' (lit. 'I Love Idolm@ster!')

The quiz was proven to be ultimately successful for the users, as all four available Namco Original revival options were unveiled! As you can see from the snapshot below, the song that will get a revival on both Red Version and 3DS3 is the always-classic Fuun! Bachi o Sensei

For the final portion of the whole run, we get across the portion which was dedicated to #Music SentaiCombination, the other Twitter campaign by the Taiko Team.

Out of the votes that have been casted for the poll, the following 7 notecharters were the most voted ones. Congrats!

Another live round of votations was held in order to decree the three winners, ultimately resulting in the trio of Dark Attribute/Masubu-Chuji/Takemoto being in charge of a future forked-paths song's Master/Advanced/Normal routes respectively.


The very last poll for this run, however, was for the 10k comment goal's title part decision, which has ultimately seen Stock Market as the true victor.

And now we come to the end of the broadcast, where the reaching of the 76.500 comment milestone has made the hosts rave under a special version of !!!Chaos Time!!! remixed by Yuji Masubuchi for the occasion. Now we finally know why the crew was so tired for the post-broadcast Twitter snapshots!

Thanks for sticking with us! See below the answers to the Taiko Team's visual questions from above.


Q1. Which one of this Don-Chan drawings was made by Taiko Team member Sasaoka?
A. It's No. 3! The other drawings' authors are also revealed below.

Q2. Which one of the following pictures of Mr.Turtle was used for White Version's J-Pop folder?
A. No.2 is the right one! Evidence is shown below.

Q3. How many different faces are there available at the notes "don" and "kat" during a song... which is caused by the increasing of combo?
A. Four different faces! No.2 is the correct answer yet again.

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