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Friday, September 2, 2016

Twitter Snippets (31 August 2016) - conflict, the "Try To Sing" version

This week's most shared/liked tweet from the Taiko Team is easily surpassing the thousands and yes, there's a silly reason behind of that! Being asked by a follower to sing siromaru and Cranky's popular BMS song, the Team answered the call with the random gibberish you can see above.

Following the peculiar request, someone else asked for an impromptu singing of Donkama 2000 and, well, ... the Taiko Team answer speaks for itself, really.


Apparently, though, Etou wasn't here to join the fun because "the throat got him"... But was it really needed to type the singing? I mean it's not like typing with boxing gloves on or anything

1 comment:

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