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Monday, September 12, 2016

Twitter Snippets (12/09/16) - Taiko's New Gensokyo Guests

While also remembering about the Taiko x PAD Collaboration's ending and the next update's new songs with subsequent tweets, the Taiko Team has decided to spill the beans about the returning Touhou Project collaboration event with an overview of its newcomer elements.

As already anticipated, the event will kick in from Red Version's V2.07 update (this Wednesday!), featuring the same unlocks of the first collaboration round as unlockable rewards through a gacha in the players's Donder Hiroba profile, accessible by playing Touhou Project songs. What's new this time around is the progressive addition of new petit chara in the measure of one per week, for 5 weeks, with the two previously-shadowed characters now being revealed.

Together with Flandre Scarlet and the Komeiji Sisters, we'll also have Petit Chara forms for Imperishable Night Extra Boss Fujiwara no Mokou (藤原妹紅) and the couple of Renko Usami (宇佐見蓮子) and Maribel Hearn (マエリベリー・ハーン), two human students which are featured in the cover art of several albums from the fabled ZUN's Music Collection series. They'll be appearing on Week 2 and Week 5 of the upcoming event, respectively.

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